So imagine for one moment that money was no object.  You could afford the word luxury. Your wardrobe consisted of designer clothes and posh handbags.  But what about your nightwear?  You need luxury nightwear too.

I happen to have a bedding set that I love.  I love it because it has a ridiculously high thread count and sliding between those sheets is nothing short of heaven.  Especially if I’ve pre-heated the bed with the electric blanket.  I know, I’m old before my time, but I’m telling you electric blankets are the best thing ever!  But I digress, Imaging wearing PJ’s that felt like those sheets.  I don’t think i’d want to ever get dressed!  David Nieper offers luxury women’s wear and this of course includes luxury nightwear.

Luxury Nightwear

The word luxury does come with a price tag, but if you can afford it, why not!  I also think it can be really hard to but nightwear as you get older.  I really struggled to find a nice nightie for my Mum last Christmas as nightwear tended to fall into three categories:

1) Skimpy: It’s for my MUM.  I am not buying skimpy nightwear for my Mum!

2) Childish: It’s covered in teddy bears or slogans such as “Nap Queen” or “Morning Gorgeous”.  Quite frankly it’s too young for me, so it’s too young for my Mum.

3) Frumpy: Anything I did find that was for women over a certain age was so frumpy and old my Mum would have been really offended!


David Nieper has a beautiful range of nightwear that is not skimpy, childish or frumpy.  It is elegant and timeless and looks stunning.

I’ve picked some bits that I know my Mum would love, and actually I wouldn’t mind them too.


 luxury nightwear


The first items I picked come under the category ‘lounge wear’ and it puts my day wear to shame with it’s elegance!  The silky jersey palazzo trousers and vest top are made from an uncrushable material that doesn’t crease.  That for me alone is worth the price tag!  Now as someone who is more often than not in their PJ’s by seven PM, I wouldn’t mind unexpected visitors turning up if I was wearing this.  It’s quite positively glamorous.

luxury nightwear

Vest Top £69

Trousers £89

Over Shirt £115


Next I have chosen two different types of dressing gowns.  First is the classic satin dressing gown, ideal for summer, and second is the cardigown, a cosy alternative for the colder months.  If I owned a cardigown I don’t think I would ever take it off.

luxury nightwear

luxury nightwear








Satin Wrap £155

Cardigown £95


And finally I have selected a pair of PJ’s and a nightdress.  Classic but elegant and not a slogan in sight!

luxury nightwear luxury nightwear







Cotton PJ’s £110

Nightshirt £59


Those are my luxury nightwear picks for my Mum form David Nieper.  Now I am shuffling off hanging my head in shame to sort through my PJ’s and at least get rid of the ones with holes in.


Are you a high thread count lover?


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