Is there anything more lovely to shop for than a baby shower? Kiddies Kingdom have gifts for every budget, from prams to pacifiers! And they have all the leading brands too. So you can find the perfect gift for the littlest bundle.

Here are just a few baby shower gift ideas.

baby shower gift


I had so many blankets when by boys were small. I loved them and I used them. Whether it was for wrapping them up in, or laying them on the floor on. I still keep a couple in the car for them to snuggle in if they want. Plus I can’t bear to be parted with them!

baby shower gift

This DK Organic blanket is £12 and beautifully soft.

Swaddle blankets also make a lovely gift, and this one comes as part of a set with two hats and a bib for £19.85 Just the thought s swaddling is making me feel very broody!

baby shower gift


Here is a baby shower gift idea that new parents might not have thought of. Something that might not be essential right now, but a few months down the line they will thank you for it. Gertie The Good Goose teething toy is £14.99

And of course you can’t go wrong with a cuddly snuggle toy like this dream sheep for £9.99. Big still sleeps with a teddy that was given to him as a gift when he was first born. He is nearly 10 now. I think I love that bear as much as I love Big!

Kiddies Kingdom have all the essentials. Do check them out if you are after a baby shower gift.

I was gifted these items from Kiddies Kingdom. I am looking forward to seeing my husbands face when he gets in and sees all of this baby stuff!

Little’s teacher is currently expecting her first baby, so I will be passing these items onto her. The husband will be relieved!

Although personally I think one of the essential gifts for a new mum is a thermos cup. It’s the only way she will enjoy a hot cup of tea for the next two years!

What was the best gift you got for your little bundle?

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