My name is Claire and I am a chocoholic.  Chocolate makes me happy.  You can keep your cheese and your gin.  Chocolate is my thing.  After a lot of talks about chocolate with my cousin we have concurred that it must be in the genes.  Therefore we are not responsible for our chocolate intake.  My cousin once devised a Christmas quiz for her fellow radiographers by x-raying chocolate bars and seeing if they could identify the correct bars.  That is dedication to the cause.

Of course every chocoholic loves Easter time, when it is perfectly acceptable to eat a chocolate egg for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So I am somewhat bemused to find myself writing an alternative Easter gift guide.  But I happen to have married one of those strange breeds of people that can eat half a bar of chocolate and save the rest for later (although he has caught onto the fact that you can’t leave chocolate lying around to be eaten later when you live with a chocoholic).  So rather than find myself questioning my life choices come December when I will be turfing out the Husbands out of date Easter eggs to make room for the Cadbury’s Heroes, I have decided to think outside the box and not buy him chocolate this year.

So here are some ideas for alternative Easter gifts for those that aren’t chocoholics.


alternative Easter gifts


1 The Gin Lover

The gin craze is something else that has passed me by.  I don’t like it.  However everyone else in the world seems to and there are some gorgeous gin themed gifts out there to suit every gin lover.  This gift set comes with two hammered mugs, and straws, and you can personalise the gift box.

Gin Gift Set from Not Another Bill £20



2 The Marshmallow Lover

Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t like toasted marshmallows?  I have actually bought these for the husband in the past and they are so tasty.  They come in a range of flavours including candyfloss and salted caramel.  They also so accessories so you can make s’mores or dip your toasted marshmallows.

Marshmallow Toasting Kit from The Naked Marshmallow Co £19

3 The Sweet Lover

Are you even married if you don’t have a sweet bar at your wedding these days?  Retro sweets have made a huge come back and are the perfect alternative gift this Easter for everyone if you want to be a bit different.  You can even personalise the jar on these.

Retro Sweets in a personalised jar from Personalised Gift Shop £14.99


4 The Cake Lover

I love the idea of being sent cake through the post.  Is there anything better to receive in the mail?  A slightly more indulgent gift in terms of price but a great alternative this Easter.

Monthly cake subscription from Ridiculously Rich by Alana £12.99 per month



5 The Small Person

This sleepsuit makes me want another baby just so I can dress them in it!  The perfect alternative Easter gift for any tiny people.  Although with all the chocolate around I’m not sure how long it would stay that colour!

Bunny Sleep Suit from Not on the hightstreet £18


6 The Cute Gift

I love this picture.  I saw it in Next the other day and wish I had picked it up now.  I think it would look lovely in a kids room, or as a Spring accessory for the home.

Picture from Next £10

7 The Pamper Gift

This takes me back to being a teenager and sniffing all the bottles in The Body Shop!  I think I had every flavour of bubble bath they sold.  Why not treat someone with an Easter themed bubble bath. 

Chocolate Orange Bubble Bath from Avon £2



8 Travel Mug

I am very late to the party on this one but why did no one ever tell me the pure genius of travel mugs for mums?  No more cold cups of tea for me.  I don’t even leave the house with mine but I now use it every day, whether I’m working, or running around after the kids.  The only problem is I have just the one so I can see me buying a few more in the very near future.  Seriously though, why didn’t anyone tell me.  

Tulip travel mug from dotcomgiftsshop £9


9 For The Bag Lover

Practical and cute.  The perfect gift.  You can never have too many shopper bags in your life.  Especially when you always forget them so store them everywhere in a bid to remember!  This fun Easter themed one can double up as an alternative basket for collecting the eggs on the Easter egg hunt.

Personalised egg bag Not on the highstreet £7


10 For The Fashionista

I know when I was a teen I would have preferred clothes to chocolate as an Easter gift.  Why not get someone an Easter themed scarf or top as an alternative gift.

Bunny Jumper Not on the highstreet £29



I hope you enjoyed my picks.  Was there anything that caught your eye?  

May your Easter be chocolate filled.





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