I love making hamper gifts for people. Collecting little bits that I see throughout the year. I think they can be a really personal and thoughtful gift, whether for an occasion or simply because. But what do we do when we can’t give that person a gift in person? We make a letterbox hamper! There are still lots of ways of creating a personal hamper that can easily fit through a letter box so won’t cost a fortune in postage.

Here are a few ideas for you to pick and choose from…

letterbox hamper gifts

Hot chocolate sachet

Small light weight and delicious! These are easy to pick up with your weekly shop, and the perfect ‘me’ moment to enjoy.


Another easy one to do. A bar of their favourite chocolate or a miniature box of chocolates are an easy letterbox gift. There are companies selling letterbox gifts for lots of setter treats from fudge to brownies, that you could either send alone or add to your letterbox hamper.

Face mask

Sheet masks are easy to pick up and great for every budget. But best of all they hardly take up any room in your hamper. A nice little treat for the recipient too.

Cute Print

There are so many postcard designs out there with cute images or inspirational quotes. Inexpensive and lightweight they are a great addition to a letterbox hamper.


I love a nice pen. These Paperchase ones are my favourites. You could even do a stationery themed letterbox hamper. Which brings me onto my next point…

Note Book

Mini notebooks for big ideas! Great for the list writer in your life. Perfect for the letterbox hamper!

Tote Bag

I love a practical gift! I use tote bags all the time. Why not make a personalised one. There are so many sites where you can upload your designs or photos. There are also lots of site where you can buy designs at great prices, whether your recipient loves flowers or animals! You can get sloth svg files, pig svg, butterflies, you name it. (SVG stands for scaleable vector graphic, which is a file format graphic designers use) These image files are around £3. You can use the file again and again to create your designs and have them printed on whatever you chose. From tote bags, to T-shirts to coasters.

letterbox hamper

Craft Kit

The beauty of these is that you can either send a kit for the recipient to make, or make it yourself and send it as a gift. My favourites are Cotton Clara embroidery craft kits.

letterbox hamper ideas

Pin Badge

There are lots of sites selling pin badges and they are the perfect accessory for Spring jackets.


Jewellery can make a very special letterbox gift. And it’s also a great way to buy from small businesses. I particularly love Jack & Freda and Pura Vida. Remember if you are sending something expensive to add insurance to your postage.

letterbox hamper ideas

Nail Varnish

Nail varnishes and other smaller make-up or beauty products are great fillers for homemade letterbox hampers. Travel size or sample packs are great to collect as gifts for people.

Recommendation List

Make a hamper gift really personal with a list of recommendations. You can incorporate anything from films and binge worthy series, to playlists, books, pod casts and even recipes.


As long as it’s not war and peace you can fit most books into a hamper gift. One of my favourites I have recently purchased is All on The Board.


Include a voucher for their favourite store so they can treat themselves. Or maybe make a personal voucher to do something together, such as afternoon tea.


Another great light weight option, send some seeds for plants or flowers for them to grow. There are seeds to suit every budget, from standard seed packets, to personalised seed gifts from places like Not On The High Street.

Recipe Kit

From Milkshake kits, to baking kits to herbs and spices kits, there is lots of choice to send as a stand alone gift or as part of your letterbox hamper.


These are one of those things that I tend to pick up as and when I see and add them as little extras to hamper gifts.


I still love getting photos printed, and change what I have in photo frames regularly. Why not send your favourite photo of the two of you together?

letterbox hamper


To give you a rough idea, postage of a letterbox hamper would be around £3 (weight and size dependent) from Royal Mail. You can print labels at home and post in a postbox. Amazon sell lots of letterbox size boxes.

I hope you like these ideas. Enjoy putting your homemade letterbox hamper together.

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Letter box hamper gift ideas make thoughtful and personal gifts to suit any budget.  Check out these ideas for what to put in yours.

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Claire Kirby

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  1. Some great ideas here letterbox gifts can be really quite expensive for what they are when you buy them online – probably cheaper and definitely more thoughtful to make one yourself! #ForTheLoveOfBlog

  2. Ah lovely ideas here, I love the idea of making my own letterbox gifts – I’m just a bit too disorganised hahaaa! #fortheloveofblog

  3. I really love this idea. Letterbox hampers can be so expensive, but when you make them yourself, you’re more in control of costs and what’s actually included. Now I just need to get some of those nifty boxes to package some goodies 🙂 #fortheloveofblog x

  4. This is so sweet. I always love to get people a few gifts, but I had never thought to make it a letterbox hamper. Thanks for the inspiration! #fortheloveofblog

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