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This months Blog Love is dedicated to Harriet from Toby & Roo

Toby & RooIf you haven’t heard of Toby & Roo, where have you been?  Harriet is taking the blogging world by storm with her brilliant and witty writing, and her amazing instagram account.

And rightly so.  Harriet has the number one quality I love when I read blogs.  Honesty.  She shares the highs and the lows of parenting and gives her honest opinion on everything she writes about.  Of course this is combined with a brilliant sense of humour and a natural warmth that shines through Harriet’s writing.  It’s one of those blogs where you feel like you’ve just had a good chat with a great friend.  I often resemble the Churchill Dog when reading Toby & Roo as I nod my head enthusiastically to all of Harriet’s points.

Harriet’s Instagram following is something to behold, I love the brilliant shots and the fact that there’s no Instasham going on.  It’s not looking at the world through Instagram tinted glasses.  It is real.  It is honest.

I don’t think there is a topic that Harriet would shy away from writing about, and I love the mix of posts about her children, her life and the hot issues of the day.  

Toby & Roo is one of my must read blogs.  One of those that when I see a new post I save until the kids are in bed so I can read without interruptions and savour it.  It’s a treat at the end of a hard days parenting, and a pick me up when the day hasn’t quit gone to plan.

I highly doubt that you need an introduction to Harriet, but if you have been under that rock, then go check out Toby & Roo and fall in love.


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Here are just a few posts that I love from Toby & Roo…


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