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This months Blog Love is dedicated to Hayley who blogs at Sparkles & Stretchmarks.

Firstly, if you haven’t heard of Hayley’s blog I would be really surprised.  There’s a reason she’s so high up in the Tots ranking.  She’s a very successful blogger, and her blog itself is simply beautiful to look at.

If I had to sum up Hayley’s blog, I would have to state simply that it’s from the heart. Whether Hayley is writing about her children, anxiety or blogging tips, so much of herself is poured into her posts.  Hayley always writes with honesty and despite never having met her, I really feel like I know her.  Her posts make me laugh, and they make me cry, and they make me think, why didn’t I think of that!  

There is so much variety on Hayley’s blog.  From practical, to heart felt, to funny.

Sparkles and Stretchmarks profile image for blog loveI think I first fell in love with Hayleys’ blog because I could relate to so much of her life. Like me, Hayley is a mum of boys, and she also has really low self confidence which she writes about so candidly.

I often want to reach through my screen to give Hayley a hug and tell her that I understand.  I get it.

Hayley’s blog is addictive.  I can’t just read one post.  So if it is at all possible that you haven’t visited Sparkles and Stretchmarks, head on over and let Hayley into our heart.  You won’t regret it.



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Here are just a few posts from Hayley.  You will be hooked from the first read.

The Toddler Oscars

Dealing With Trolls

How I Earned Over 18k From Blogging

Learning to Follow My Own Instincts

An Open Letter to my High School Bully




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This is a monthly series which features a different blog each time.  Please share the blog love by checking them out.  You may just fall in love too.


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