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This months Blog Love is dedicated to Dawn from Rhyming With Wine

rhyming with wineI’ve been following Dawns blog since she started, because as soon as you read one post you are hooked.

Dawn writes brilliant poetry.  And not in a flowery what’s she going on about kind of way, but in a brilliant, relatable and laugh out loud kind of way.  The amount of times she has made me snort my tea whilst I’ve been reading one of her poems.

The subject matter of Rhyming With Wine is parenting and Dawn has penned poems on so many parenting topics such as starting school, holidays and tantrums.  Her Julia Donaldson parodies are amazing, and having written one myself I know how hard they are to do!

Dawns poems are warm, funny and have even brought a tear to my eye.  She is an immensely talented lady and I love her blog.  Dawns personality shines through her poetry and quite frankly I am in awe of her skills.

One of my highlights at this years BML conference was getting to meet Dawn in person and hearing her read one of her poems for her key note speech, which she did brilliantly.  It’s always nice when you meet someone you’ve known online for a while and they are every bit as nice as you hoped they would be.

Dawn is also starting a new venture with the equally brilliant Gemma from Colleys Wobbles.  You can read all about their journey into the world of children’s books at their new site Wobbles and Rhyme. I have a feeling they are going to be huge, and I wish Dawn and Gemma much success.

If you haven’t already checked out Rhyming With Wine, please do.  I promise you will not be disappointed and will probably find yourself reading Dawns poems out loud to your other half and having a good giggle together.


rhyming with wine

Here are just a few posts that I love from Rhyming With Wine…

Dawn has also taken part in my Rookie Mistakes series, you can read her poem about her parenting fail in, So Just A Few Days Ago This Happened.

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Claire Kirby

4 Comments on Blog Love – Rhyming With Wine

  1. What a great idea for a series and a wonderful way to highlight such amazing bloggers as Dawn. I agree she is amazing and I too have snorted tea/coffee on more than one occasion.

  2. I love Dawn’s blog too – and have been a come-back-for-more follower since the start. She has real talent!!! And although I’ve not met her, she is such a lovely and helpful person. Here’s to even more success on your new venture Dawn…

    • Aww Nicole! Thank you so much. That’s so lovely to read. Here’s to meeting up at last at a conference next year perhaps!? *clinks your coffee mug* xx

  3. Oh my goodness Claire!! This has just made me leap out of bed (I’m doing the 6.30am scroll thing – as we do haha) and I’m now doing a pre-coffee happy shuffle! Thank you so much for your gorgeous words. This is a real boost to read and coming from such a hugely successful and hilarious blogger too! I’ll look forward to your next Bloglove posts, I think it’s a lovely idea for a series. Thank you. All the hugs and all the cake. Dx

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