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This months Blog Love is dedicated to Siobhan from Pass The Wine Please

Pass The Wine Please

Sometimes you read a post and you just know that you and the writer are on the same wave length.  You know that you could quite easily put the world to rights over a pot of tea, or have a giggle over a bottle of Prosecco.  I felt that instantly the first time I read one of Siobhan’s posts on her blog, Pass The Wine Please.

I love Siobhan’s humour.  Her posts always make me laugh and nod along.  Siobhan writes about life with a toddler and makes the everyday funny.  Whether she is writing about Cbeebies characters or two year checks with the health visitors, I can always relate to Siobhan’s writing. 

As well as witty, Pass the Wine Please is a warm and friendly blog.  Perfect company for those of us who are winging it with parenting.  If you can’t get your kids to eat vegetables, but you do know the names of all the Paw Patrol pups, then you will love Pass The Wine Please as much as I do.  Whether you have a toddler in tow, or you’ve been there and done that, I’m sure Siobhan will provide you with some giggles.

Keep them coming Siobhan.  I love it.

About Siobhan:

I’m the mother of a gorgeous 2 year old daughter and live with my husband in Northamptonshire.

Parenting for me can be something of a beautiful nightmare – I wouldn’t change being a mum for the world, but do spend rather a lot of time swearing quietly into the fridge and counting down to wine o’clock…

So, if you’re looking for useful advice or definitive answers, I’d probably try Google again. But, if it’s soft play horror stories and random CBeebies musings you’re after (how is Postman Pat still employed?! He has literally never delivered a letter on time…) then please have a read!


Here are just a few posts that I love from Pass The Wine Please…

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