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This months Blog Love is dedicated to Prabs from Absolutely Prabulous

Sometimes when you read a blog you make a connection with the person behind the blog.  Sometimes you get really lucky and that connection becomes a friendship. 

Almost three years ago Prabs linked up a brilliant post to my Friday Frolics linky about exhausted parents.  To be honest I loved her blog from the moment I read her tagline.  “It takes care cake and dedication medication to be an imperfect parent” I knew it was going to be my kind of humour.



I’m very gald that I have now met Prabs.  We celebrated her BiB win together in 2016 and then we celebrated mine last year.  I now can say she is my friend, rather than saying she is an ‘online friend’ which maybe down to my age, but still makes me cringe slightly!

Prabs writes with her heart on her sleeve.  She is always honest and has the courage to share her views on everything from Donald trump to the Manchester Bombing.  One minute she will have you laughing out loud as she talks about glitter bombing vaginas, and the next she will have you reaching for the tissues in posts like her tribute to George Micheal.

Prabs has a beautiful way with words.  Reading her posts feels like you are inside her head and sharing what she is feeling.  It makes her a pretty deserving winner of that best writer award.  And I am not just saying that because she is my friend.

If for some unknown reason you haven’t yet discovered Absolutely Prabulous, please go and check it out.  Grab a cuppa because you might be there for a while.


Thanks for all of the support Prabs.  I always know I can rely on you for an honest opinion and perspective.


About Prabs:

I’m a former London/Paris girl, now a beach-loving mum in Malta who writes about motherhood, marriage, the Med and anything she can get away with. Greatest achievement: leaving the house with 3 kids (it’s ok, they’re all mine). Biggest fears: running out of vodka & screwing up my kids (in that order). Married to: the luckiest man on earth (obvi). Best skill: losing my keys. Most valuable housework tip: wear sunglasses at home so you can’t see the mess. If you’re looking for a useful Guide to Parenting & Domesticity, what are you doing here?


Here are just a few posts that I love from Absolutely Prabulous…


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Claire Kirby

2 Comments on Blog Love – Absolutely Prabulous

  1. My dear Claire bear. Now I’ve stopped crying, I can actually type a response to this wonderful surprise of a post. You and I both know how incredibly well-timed it is, given our private chats about all things blogging! Thank you so so much for featuring me. Just wow. (But can I just apologise if my writing makes people feel like they’re in my head because NOBODY needs to be in that scary place lol.) They say blogging may be dead, video is where it’s at blah blah. But despite my (far too frequent) blog moans and the inconvenient fact I don’t have the energy or the time required to make my blog earn me millions, I guess I’ll still be here years from now because every time somebody pays tribute to my corner of the internet that I’ve worked on day and night (at times!), I’m reminded of why I do it. So happy that there are people like you out there who love my words, get my blog and get me. Right, I think I need to go have another cry now. So grateful darling xx

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