I am a firm believer that stocking fillers should be under £5 each. But it can be a challenge to find gifts that aren’t just plastic tat in that price category. I would rather buy the kids things they can use, rather than something that clutters up the house or ends up in landfill. My kids love Smiggle and they love stationery. Whilst Smiggle can be pricey, they regularly do sales. I always jump on these and pick up some stocking fillers for them. Hopefully this post will give you some inspiration for stocking fillers from Smiggle.

stocking fillers from Smiggle

Gifts the Kids will love

Big is obsessed with anything with a camo print. The kid dresses head to toe in camo gear. So when I saw this notebook for £3.75 I knew it would be a perfect stocking filler for him.

stocking fillers from Smiggle

You can normally always pick up keyrings in the Smiggle sales. In my experience kids loose their minds over tiny rubbers and keyrings! This one was £2.25.

The great thing about stocking fillers from Smiggle is that you can get stuff the kids will use. We get through tons of colouring pens and pencils in our house. The kids love the scented ones from Smiggle. These were £4.50.

stocking fillers from Smiggle

As well as practical, you can pick up fun things too. ..

  • Colour change goo £2.25
  • Bounce Back Ball £2.25
  • Transforming Robot Pen £2
stocking fillers from Smiggle

Gifts the kids will use

Smiggle is great for lunch boxes and drinks bottles and of course pencil cases. There’s always a great range of these in Smiggle sales for you to find something your child will love.

  • Slap Band £1.50
  • Book Band Pencil Case £2.25
  • Drinks Bottle £4.50

Gifts that suit your budget

My youngest has been saving his pocket money this year and choosing what he spends it on. I thought it was about time he had his own wallet to put it in when he goes out to spend it. This one was £4.50

stocking fillers from Smiggle

I always try and pick up Smiggle activity packs in the sales as they are great to chuck in your bag if you are going out for the day, or to keep the kids entertained in a restaurant whilst you are waiting for food. These Colour and Carry Scented Activity Kits were just £1.50 each in the sale. Each kit contains stickers, colouring sheets and markers.

stocking fillers from Smiggle

Stocking fillers from Smiggle are always a hit with my kids and you can pick up some great bargains. I tend to stock up throughout the year when there are sales.

Where are your go to places for stocking fillers under £5?

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