As Christmas is rapidly approaching I thought I would focus this months Five Under £5 on some useful buys.  Things that aren’t there just to look pretty, but serve a purpose and justify the purchase.  And as they are all under £5 they don’t eat into my Christmas budget.

 useful buys


I have been waxing lyrical about these space saver coat hangers to anyone who will listen to me.  These are a game changer people!  Over the last three months I have replaced all of my normal coat hangers with these.  My once bulging wardrobe now has room for more, and I can actually see the clothes i do have as they are not all crammed in together.  It’s a total win win situation!  These particular ones were from Matalan and cost me £3 for 6.

useful buys


I picked up the sunshine trinket tray in Paperchase and I am using it on my bedside table.  It’s really handy for jewellery and bits that I take off before I go to bed and I always know where they are.  This was £5.

The tissues were £1 from Cath Kidston.  As someone who suffers from hey fever 12 months a year I always have tissues on me.  It’s always nicer when they are pretty tissues!

useful buys


I am forever loosing hair bands.  I swear they go to the same place as socks.  I buy loads, then in no time at all I am clinging onto my last one needing to know it’s whereabouts at all times.  This little lot were a find in the Poundshop and should keep me going for a while.  £1 for all of these!  And they haven’t got that horrible metal bit that i always end up snagging my hair on.

useful buys


If there are two things that make me happy in life it’s Paperchase snack boxes and a Paperchase sale.  When those two things combine, I am in heaven.  I have quite a few sets of different designs of these snack boxes now as I love them, and they are prettier than normal tupperware.  They are great for the kids lunch boxes too.  They normally cost £8 for the set, but the sale meant I picked up these for £5. 

useful buys


So that’s my five under £5 useful buys.  Did anything catch your eye?  What’s the most useful purchase you made this month?

Check out these affiliate links below to grab your own useful buys.  By clicking on the link and making a purchase I earn a small percentage to fund my Paperchase snack box habbit.

Game Changer Hangers!

£19.99 for 50

Snack Boxes

£8 each from Amazon

Trinket Trays


£4.79 Amazon
£3.49 Amazon


£5.75 Amazon



Five Under £5 was started by Julie at Rainbeaubelle.  You can read all about it and get inspired by lots of other posts on her website.

Check out my other 5 Under £5 posts.

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