I always used to love September when I was at school.  Why?  Quite simply, new stationery! I love a browse round Paperchase.  I would much rather be bought a shiny new new notebook than a bunch of flowers.  So seeing as it is back to school time, I have dedicated this months five under £5 to my all time love of stationery.

 Five Under £5 Stationery

I am a fan of all things Caroline Gardner, especially these mini notebooks.  I have loads of them and find them so useful.  This set of three were from Amazon for £4.75.

Five Under £5 Stationery

I always have several lists on the go, and several different list style pads to write them on! This one was just £2 from Wilko

Five Under £5 Stationery

I also picked up the pencil case in Wilko for £2, although I’ve been using it in my handbag for tissues and emergency snacks for the kids.  The paper block is from Paperchase and was £5.  Really handy for all those notes I scribble down for the husband.

Five Under £5 Stationery

Another thing I have a lot of and use all the time is post it notes.  I use them a lot for work, and refuse to use boring ones.  This set was from Flying Tiger and cost just £2.

Five Under £5 Stationery


So that’s my five under £5 stationery finds.  Let me know what you think.

If you can’t resist the mini notebooks click on this link to purchase.  This is an affiliate link so helps fund my stationery addiction!

Five Under £5 was started by Julie at Rainbeaubelle.  You can read all about it and get inspired by lots of other posts on her website.

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5 Under 5


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