I feel like I have just discovered the best secret.  Only I’m not going to keep it a secret.  I’m going to tell you.  Did you know that Sports Direct sell more than football boots and sports stuff? They sell toys and gifts too!  I had no idea, until they asked me to take part in their #sdfiverchallenge for some Christmas gifts.  Seeing as Five Under £5 is a regular feature on my blog, I thought I would see how many gifts I could get for £30.  The only requirements is that they are all under £5.

Well spoiler alert, I got nine gifts!  Nine gifts for the grand total of £27.07.  That’s an average of £3 per item.  I highly recommend you check out Sports Direct when you do your Christmas shopping and browse their selection of gifts.  Check out what I bought below and the unbelievable prices.


 Yes these are all under £5!


As expected Sports Direct sells a lot of clothes, but they also do great character t-shirts for the kids too and designer names.  I was really impressed with the quality of these T-shirts.  And at the rate my two get through tops these prices are fantastic.  I always get them some clothes for Christmas so these will be going under the tree on Christmas eve

  • Superman T-shirt for Little £2.00
  • Soul Cal & Co T-shirt for Big £3.00
  • Soul Cal & Co T-shirt for The Husband £3.99


I have bought trainers from Sports Direct before, but they also have a fantastic range of pumps and hi tops too.  It’s not all Nike Airs and Reebok Classics.  I couldn’t resist this adorable pair for Little for just £2.49.  Yes you heard me right £2.49.  You could by 10 pairs for the price of one pair of school shoes.  At the rate kids feet grow and the way they destroy shoes when playing, it’s great to have these cheaper options available.  Especially when you are faced with both kids having a growth spurt at the same time.  In December!


Next up I found this Ocean Pacific wallet for £4.25.  Again it is great quality and I love the colours.  It will make a lovely Christmas gift for someone.  If I don’t keep it for myself that is.


Then came the toys.  I have a firm rule about Christmas stockings in our house.  They are for small gifts.  Gifts over £5 do not belong in a stocking.  It’s a big bug bear of mine when I see gifts advertised as great stocking fillers when they cost £40.  That’s not a stocking filler!  Sports Direct had lots of toys, but for this challenge I was specifically looking for those great stocking fillers for under £5.

  • Paw Patrol Drawing Board £2.10
  • Bath Toys £2.25 for the set
  • Mermaid Wrist Bands £2.00


Finally I picked up a practical gift for myself.  This umbrella for £4.99.  I always struggle with umbrellas and being able to see where I am going so I thought I would give this clear one a go.  I love the curved handle too.  It makes me feel a bit posh!


I was really impressed with the quality of all of these items and I am still stunned that they were all less that £5.

Check out these other great items for under £5 from Sports Direct and head on over to their website for more ideas and bargains.

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Why not take the #sdfiverchallenge yourself.


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7 Comments on Five Under £5 – Sports Direct Special

  1. The umbrella sounds like a good idea as we have a downpour right now. Good to hear how you got on. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  2. I totally agree with you on stockings and that items should be under £5 otherwise they can end up costing as much as the main present. Theres some great ideas in this post – thank you 🙂

  3. I discovered this little secret about 3 years ago and signed up for the newsletter and now every time there is a sale, I go hunting and get a ton of stocking fillers, its great isn’t it? Mich x

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