So it’s the big one’s birthday next month.  He is turning 7 which I am in complete denial about.  In an effort to be prepared and save money I have been picking up some bargains for party bags, hence the theme for this months five under £5.

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So first the party bags themselves.  These were a steal in Paperchase, reduced from £3.50 to £1.25 for 8 bags.  I love the alien and rocket design.


5 under 5 party bag detail 3


I normally hate the tat that comes with party bags so try to get things that aren’t going to break after an hour, or annoy anyone in a mile radius by being loud!  The badges were reduced to 25p each and the dinosaurs in egg erasers were 50p each.  Both from Paperchase.  I love that shop.

The finger skateboards were from Poundland and have two in each pack.  I’m planning on putting one skateboard in each bag.


5 under £5 Party Bags Detail pic 1

The popping candy was also from Poundland and it was 10 packs for £1.

I got the Lego molds for last years party bags where I spent about 24 hours making 120 chocolate Lego man with 2 molds.  You know when you think something is a good idea, and then realise it isn’t once you are past the point of no return!  Anyway, this year there are only 8 people coming to his party so the chocolate Lego men should be much easier. The molds are available from e-bay for around £2.99 each.

5 under 5 oarty bad detail 2

So this year the party bags cost me £15.25 in total (including chocolate for the Lego men) which works out at £1.90 per head.  I might get a pack of trading cards or stickers for each one to finish them off, but I’m hoping the boys will like them.

What do you put in your party bags?

Five Under £5 was started by Julie at Rainbeaubelle.  You can read all about it and get inspired by lots of other posts on her website.


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2 Comments on Five Under £5 – September – A Party Bag Special

  1. Wow that looks like an awesome party bag! I love Paperchase too – if you get there when there is a big selection on their bargain table you can pick up some brilliant stuff. We are getting to the point of having to do birthday parties with real party bags (we have just been keeping birthday tea parties to family up until now but my eldest will be 4 next year and is asking about her party already) so I am always interested at what people put in them! Good plan just having 8 children! We have that lego mould too – what an amazing idea to make chocolate lego men! You have inspired me to go and make some right now! #thelist

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