This post is not sponsored by Paperchase.  It just happens that I can’t help but pop in when I’m in town, and I stumbled upon some sale bits that were too good not to pick up.  Thus this month’s five under £5 is all about keeping the kids entertained on a rainy day with these bargains.

  rainy day

There’s something very satisfying about a highlighter.  I think it makes you feel important!  My kids love to pretend they are a teacher and use them.  This colourful pack was just £2.

rainy day 

The next find is a slight cheat as it cost £7.  But a box of 16 birthday cards works out at 43p per card!  I always have a box of these in the house as they are great for those last minute party invites, or the ones that you forget about.  Paperchase normally have a few different designs too.

rainy day 

Another item I always grab in the paper chase sale is their stationery sets.  Normally £8.50, this one was reduced to £4.  I also got a different design that as reduced to £2.50.  They are great presents to keep in the drawer for party gifts, or add on presents.  I’ve even given them out as prizes at birthday parties.  And of course they are a great way to keep my kids entertained on a rainy day.

rainy day


I loved these boredom buster tokens.  You get two sheets with different things to do, and apart from the ‘make a pinata’ most of them are completely doable for a crap-at crafts parent like myself!  These were £1.25, and quite frankly I would pay double to stop the shouts of “I’m bored!”.

rainy day


Finally, every rainy day needs a disco in the lounge.  What better way to get rid of the pent up energy than with some impromptu dance offs!  Close the curtains, turn the lights off, and add these light up balloons to the mix and the kids will be loving it.  This pack of 5 cost £2 and I can’t wait to use them with the kids.  In fact I bought two packs!  They are meant to glow for 15 hours so they would be great for parties too.

rainy day


So that’s my next rainy day with the kids sorted.  Did you pick up any bargains this month?



Five Under £5 was started by Julie at Rainbeaubelle.  You can read all about it and get inspired by lots of other posts on her website.

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