So we had one day of sunshine and I got very over enthusiastic and bought some new toys for the garden.  It has of course rained non stop since then and the kids haven’t played with them yet.  But there’s still hope for some fun outside.

Most of this months finds came from Flying Tiger.  I love that store.  Of course I bought two of everything to avoid arguments, and it wasn’t the easiest stuff to cart home, but it was all still a bargain!  

So these are my Five Under £5 for fun outside!

Fun Outside


Every kid needs a hula hoop right?  I can’t wait to see my three year old shake his little tush when he tries this one out!  £3 from Flying Tiger.

Now I wasn’t sure about the swords.  My two boys don’t seem to need any encouragement wen it comes to fighting right now.  But I figured they are soft, and they can’t break my ornaments outside, so i’m going with it!  £2 from Flying Tiger.

Fun Outside


My kids go crazy for bubbles.  They provide hours of entertainment in the garden, and I’m all for some cheap fun.  This giant bubble wand, and it really is giant will be a huge hit.  £2 from Flying Tiger.

Fun Outside


My boys also love an insect hunt.  Normally at the expense of my Tupperware which is filled with leaves, twigs, ants and woodlice for their make shift animal homes.  I loved this little bug catcher complete with magnifying lens.  £1 Flying Tiger.

Fun Outside


And finally a practical buy, but an essential one for the summer.  We love driving down to beach for a spot of fish and chips and sea shell hunting in the early evening.  It blows the cob webs away and wears the boys out before bedtime!  The beach near us is quite stony, but the boys still enjoy a paddle.  These waterproof beach shoes are brilliant and only £3.99 from Decathlon.  The live in the boot of our car so we always have them when we need them.

Fun Outside


My cloudy skies background is a wallpaper sample from Homebase.  I’m thinking of using it in the little one’s bedroom.

Those are my finds for this month. Let me know what you think.


Five Under £5 was started by Julie at Rainbeaubelle.  You can read all about it and get inspired by lots of other posts on her website.


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  1. This is brilliant – I also did a post on Flying Tiger as I love them too! I found a kids’ excavation kit in the shop – have you seen them? This would be perfect for the shopping linky I’m promoting if you fancy linking up?

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