I have a bit of an addiction to buying Christmas decorations.  Every year when I try and pack all of the decorations away they never quite fit because I have accumulated more.  And every year I tell myself next year I don’t need to buy any.  But they are just so pretty.  And these festive finds are all totally affordable too.

 festive finds


I cheated a bit with these baubles from Next as they were actually £6.  But with 20 in a pack that’s 30p per bauble so that’s under £5!  Anyway I couldn’t resist the bright colours.  These are going to look great in my hallway.  keep an eye on my instagram feed!


 festive finds


These cute but incredibly glittery parcels were from B&M Stores.  They light up too!  They had them in red and green as well as the gold and white.  These cost £2.49 each.


 festive finds

Another slight cheat at £8 for 4.  But at £2 each i couldn’t resist these colourful baubles from Next.  they do them in silver and in gold too.  The picture doesn’t do justice to just how pretty these are.

festive finds


The heart was £5 for a pack of 2, also from Next.  I love Christmas decorations that are a little bit different.  My Christmas tree doesn’t actually have any baubles, but lots of different styles of decorations.  These will be adorning my tree this year.  Again watch my Instagram feed for lots of Christmas decorations photos.

festive finds


My final buy is this wonderful Christmas stocking bunting.  I have no idea where I am going to put it, but I couldn’t resist.  This was £4.99 from B&M Stores.

festive finds


So that’s my five under £5 festive buys.  Did anything catch your eye?  What’s your favourite Christmas decoration?


Five Under £5 was started by Julie at Rainbeaubelle.  You can read all about it and get inspired by lots of other posts on her website.

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Five under £5 bargain buys for Christmas. Check out these beautiful and affordable decorations from next and B&M stores. Some great festive finds


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