I got some great bargains for my 5 things under £5 this month.  Who doesn’t love a good bargain.


So here is my 5 under £5, otherwise known as, things I really like that I didn’t have to sell one of my children to be able to afford…




Love Goodies

Once Valentines was over and the overprices roses were reduced back to their normal price, so were other goodies.

Sainsburys had a really cute collection of valentines gifts this year.  Among them was this love heart picture.  Originally it was £6 but after February 14th it was reduced to £1.

I got this Je t’aime tin from Paperchase for £1.50.  I’ve no idea what I’m going to use it for yet, but it was too cute to resist!  This may have been an impulse purchase at the till!

I also picked up the ‘Laugh Often, Love Much’ postcard in Paperchase for 70p



Heart Pebbles

I stumbled across these in The Range.  At only £1.99 for a pack of 12!  I thought they would look nice in product photos, and I’ve already used them a few times in projects I am working on.



Children’s Flap Gloves

The little one needed new shoes after a growth spurt, no less than 6 weeks after I bought his last pair!  Anyway they were considerably more than the £5 for this feature, but I had to buy these gloves from John Lewis for the big one.  Firstly because I suffer from mum guilt if I buy something for one and not the other.  Secondly, because he has been asking for some flap gloves like Mummy’s for ages.  And thirdly, because they were reduced from £9.00 to £4.00. Bargain!

The big one is obsessed with the Home Alone movies at the moment, so he loves these ‘Gadget gloves.’  He’s been wearing them round the house and pressing the button to open doors etc.  So they are practical and great for imaginative play!  Who knew?!





So there we have it.  What have you bought to brighten up your day without breaking the bank?


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Claire Kirby

13 Comments on 5 Under £5 – March

  1. Like everyone else, I love the pebbles! They would look great in my bathroom. I hadn’t heard of the Range until now but a quick check shows there is one near me…I feel a trip coming on…thanks for sharing x

  2. Oh I do love Paperhase quote cards, I haven’t visited Paperchase for ages…I NEED to go! I love those little heart pebbles too, perfect for accessorising photographs! #fiveunder5 xx

  3. Oh, those heart pebbles are adorable. And you are right they will look perfect in product shots. I also love that je t’aime tin and postcard from Paperchase. I can always buy so much from Papechase. It has such cute bits and bobs. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  4. Ooh, I really like that ‘love’ picture! I love visiting the supermarkets after special occasions to see what goodies are reduced! x #TheList

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