I’m stepping out of my comfort zone here and doing a lifestyle post.  I don’t normally do them because quite frankly everyone else always seems so much more stylish than me!  Any attempts I make to be Pintrest prefect normally go very horribly wrong.  Seriously, you should see the look on the husbands face when I start a sentence with “I saw this idea on Pintrest…”


However, this year I am on a mission to revamp my home with accessories.  The less DIY the better, as it was actually a sub clause in our marriage vows; For better, For worse, For richer For poorer, In sickness and in health, But never when we are doing DIY.


I was inspired by Jess who blogs at Mummy of Boy Girl Twins and is one of my favourite bloggers.  She oozes style from every pore, and does so effortlessly. I saw her post 5 Things for £5, and thought I would give it a go.   The idea was started by Rainbeaubelle, and I love it because £5 is accessible.  I’m not sharing something beautiful, yet completely unrealistic unless you plan on selling one of you children.


So here is my 5 under £5…


5 under £5



Part of the new Next monochrome range, and available in every letter of the alphabet.  It looks very at home on my desk and keeps me fulled when I’m working.

Next £4.00

5 under £5


To Do Pad

I am a stationery geek.  I would much rather a new note pad than a bunch of flowers.  And this To Do List is a complete bargain.  Hell, I really pushed the boat out and bought two!  It’s even got a magnetic strip, so it’s ripe for the fridge!

Wilko £1.00

5 under £5


Caramel Tiddly Pot

Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmm.  No more words required.

Hotel Chocolat  £1.95


5 under £5


Push Pins

So you know I said I was a bit of a stationery geek?  This month I actually got excited about push pins!  I know, I need to get out more.  But how cute are these?  Perfect for my notice board on my desk.

ebay £3.99 for 10

Push Pins


Body Spray

Technically this didn’t cost me anything as I used my Boots points.  I came away with loads of Soap & Glory goodies and didn’t have to hand over a penny.  That’s my kind of shopping.  This smells gorgeous and makes me think of summer.

Soap & Glory Body Spray £4.00 (Smoothie Star)

5 under £5


So there we have it.  What have you bought to brighten up your day without breaking the bank?



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Claire Kirby

3 Comments on 5 Under £5 – February

  1. Lovin the mug but hubby keeps telling me off for buying things with initials on. I guess an & is a good compromise, and appropriate for a writer / blogger.
    You can’t go wrong with a £5 budget; in my view, you never need to justify treating yourself, but especially so if it’s less than a fiver!
    Those chocolates look very tempting too!

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