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They say there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. Wrong. There are three certainties; death, taxes and the fact moving house is horrendously stressful. This is especially true if you have kids because there is an extra layer of consideration, a pretty important one too. However, if there is one thing kids love it is being creative, and if there is one thing they can do it is turn everything into something fun, with a little help that is.

That’s why you need to do a little wordsmithing and make the moving house challenge a moving house adventure. Making your move fun for them will make it fun for you. It’s the rule of osmosis. Kind of.

move it

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Life Is Full Of Surprises

Unless your kid is at that stage where they can’t even hold their head up, kids of all ages can help pack some stuff, so why not hide some things for them to make it fun. All you need to know is what they love and then go from there. It could be you put stickers on some things, or little post-it notes with riddles or clues as to where they can find a biscuit. Anything that makes packing feels less like the chore it is.


Get the Sharpies Out

When a box is packed and wrapped, why not let your kids go wild. Give them some Sharpies and let them draw whatever they want to draw on them. It could be a fairytale scene with a castle, a princess, a knight and a dragon. Or it could be a drawing of you, which is actually just a squiggle, but hey ho.


Extra Cardboard Boxes

To you, a box is something to pack things into. To your kid, a box is their chance to build a fort and play cowboys. So get some extra boxes and let them go wild. After all, you packed all their toys far too hastily.

move it

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Camping In The Great Indoors

Once you have had Shiply unload everything into your house, don’t be so quick to unpack everything and get all the bedroom’s in shipshape. Instead, pitch a teepee in the living room, get a takeaway and some marshmallows and enjoy a little indoor camping experience. Yes, your kid will love it, but so will your inner kid.


It’s Their Bedroom After All

When it comes to setting up their bedroom, which will probably be pretty high on the old priority list, let’s be honest, try and let them play interior designer. They can unpack and organize. They can help say where they want things to go, and which toys should be placed in a priority position. Sure, you can sway things with your parental intuition, but the more you let them get involved, the more they will be motivated to help.


Go All Jackson Pollock

Once everything has been unpacked and you are just left with a giant stash of cardboard boxes, save some for your kids. Recycle some and keep some spare, but save some for your kids. Why? Well, you can take them out to the garden, flatten them out, grab a selection of brightly colored paints and brushes, and then let them go totally wild. It will be like if Jackson Pollock morphed with Van Gogh and Picasso. Horrendous. But they will have fun.