Students have to complete a tremendous variety of essays. They have different names and demands. Nevertheless, they have much in common. Their preliminary steps, writing, and post-writing stages are quite the same. Therefore, it makes sense to know them. Of course, not all of them can be managed quickly and easily. Therefore, we offer several important writing tips that will help to compose a great essay.

writing tips

Defining the Main Theme

One of the most important stages of writing an essay is to choose a topic. It’s important because it determines the future course of your writing. You may need some tips to choose a topic. 

Here a few vital points:

  • Select something interesting to you. To ease your task, you’d better choose a theme that is interesting to be enthusiastic.
  • Disclose a relevant issue. You should choose something, which is currently important. It may be a completely new direction. However, you can choose a topic called an “eternal” issue, like love, friendship, happiness, etc.
  • Select something you know. It’s better to prefer a topic that is well known to you. Thus, you’ll spend less time to research the topic and define all the clues.
  • Narrow the theme. Don’t choose too broad topics because you won’t have enough time and space to disclose it at full. Narrow it to a specific branch of a vast industry.
  • Research. Undoubtedly, you ought to research it. Read the works of other authors who had already dealt with the chosen topic. Mention their contribution to show that you’ve analyzed the theme thoroughly.
  • Ask for advice. Before making the final decision, consult your academic advisor. Ask him/her whether your topic is relevant and meaningful.

Here are a few good topic ideas:

  1. Is War a Necessary Evil?
  2. Pros and Cons of Modern Technology.
  3. Is Social Media Useful or Harmful?
  4. Should Politics and Religion Collaborate?
  5. Is Legalization of Marijuana the Right Move?
  6. How to Cope with Cultural Shock?
  7. Why Gender Equality Is so Important?
  8. Is It Right to Accept Students Who Are Good in Sports and Not in Academics?
  9. Do Video Games Promote Violence?
  10. How to Manage Stress during Your College Life

Try to keep these points in your mind. Use these tips and evaluate possible options. Afterward, you’ll be able to make the right choice. Thus, we suggest choosing “Life Is Precious”. It belongs to eternal themes, which will be relevant in any society at any age.

Gather Evidence and Have a Plan

As you have opted for Life Is Precious, you should find data related to this topic. It’s a very popular theme and you will find a lot of data about it. Read other authors, find good samples and see how they wrote their essays. Use this data not to repeat it, but to tackle the topic differently and propose it from a new viewpoint. Mind that creativity is of huge importance. 

Afterward, refine your information sources. Your essay should depend on some relevant facts, studies, articles, etc. Always verify the data you are going to use in your essay. It must be officially approved. Decide which sources suit your purpose most.

The last prewriting step is to make a plan. It includes the main writing stages, which are the introduction, thesis statement, main body, and conclusion. A reasonable plan saves precious time because you already know which step to undertake and how long will it last.

Draft and Draft Again

Never try to complete your essay at once. Though “Life Is Precious” seems to be an easy topic, you shouldn’t hope to hit the target from the first blow. Write several drafts before you complete an essay on your own way or with someone’s help.

The first one may be messy without logical structure. It simply provides the ideas you have. The next one should be selective and describe arguments that serve your purpose properly. Improve your drafts until you feel you’ve succeeded with your essay.

Revise and Improve

Many students omit the revision stage and it’s a huge mistake! No one is able to compose a perfect piece without any failures. You will surely make some mistakes and you ought to be aware of them. You can detect them if you revise your papers.

Use various techniques. Do it on your own reading aloud and in your head. Use the help of other people. Ask experienced friends to listen or read your essay. Besides, you may use such checkers like Ginger, Hemingway or Grammarly. They identify your grammar, spelling, and stylistic errors. Thus, you’ll know your weak points to fix and avoid them.

Sometimes, students don’t have enough time and strength to complete their essays. Even such an interesting topic like Life Is Precious may become a serious challenge. What to do in this situation? Use online writing help. Our essay writing service can greatly assist you on the best terms. We offer assistance of qualified experts who can easily tackle any essay on any topic. They compose orders very fast and in accordance with your demands. Reasonable prices are guaranteed. Find our main web page and place the order.

Memorize these prompts because they are universal and useful. They can suit any essay type regardless of its topic and discipline. We also recommend reading proper samples to see with your own eyes how to settle things. Thus, you’ll definitely enjoy success.

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