When was the last time you left a review for a business or service you used? If you can’t remember or you typically never leave a review, you may want to start.

These days, reviews play a huge role in how successful businesses become. Consumers spend a lot of time reading through reviews before they decide whether or not to make a purchase. Here, you’ll discover just some of the reasons you should think about leaving reviews the next time you buy from or use a company’s services.

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Over 93% of consumers use reviews to make a purchasing decision

According to statistics, over 93% of consumers use reviews to make a purchasing decision. It’s estimated that around 60% of consumers use online reviews on a weekly basis to make crucial purchasing decisions. 

This means, when you leave a review, you’ll be helping potentially millions of consumers make a better spending decision. Think about whether you pay attention to reviews before you buy something. If you do, it makes sense to repay the favour and leave one to help others too.

You’ll reach a huge audience

A large reason people do leave reviews is because they wanttheir voice to be heard. It gives you a chance to express yourself and voice your opinion. Not only that, but you’ll also feel like your opinion matters.

We all want to feel like our opinions matter, so when you leave a review, you’ll feel like you’ve contributed, and you’ll get a sense of empowerment. This is especially true if you’ve had a negative experience with a company. You can warn other potential customers about the experience, ensuring they either improve their service, or they’ll lose business until they do.  

Helping to ensure only the best companies thrive

Finally, by leaving reviews, you’ll be ensuring companies such as Parcel2Go.com or Go Compare, offer a better service to consumers, highlighting only the best possible businesses. As so many consumers do read online reviews now, a bad review of a company can help potential buyers be aware of the problems they might face and give the best businesses a chance to thrive. 

Overall, everyone looks at reviews, whether it be through Tripadvisor, amazon reviews, ecommerce site reviews or reviews featured on comparison websites. It’s become an important part of the online shopping experience and consumers rely upon each other to find the best products and services. So, by submitting reviews, you’ll be helping to ensure the best businesses get noticed and the bad ones get avoided!

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