Okay, so this may be a Christmas post in January, but hear me out! When you live a frugal life, planning is absolutely key. It’s even more important when you have a family and the days seem to slip through your fingers like sand in an hourglass. There are so many advantages that come with planning for events early and given that Christmas is the biggest event for most families, it makes sense that January should be the month you start planning for Christmas.

People stress over Christmas and it’s mostly because they don’t start their plans early enough. It’s the same time every single year, and yet they still scramble to grab gift cards and wrap presents at the last minute. Everyone deserves an excellent Christmas without stress, and the best way to do it is begin as early as possible. What better month than January to get your planning on? Here’s why you should start right now and not wait.

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Why You Should Be Planning for Christmas Early…


Everyone loves something free, right? When you plan for Christmas in advance, you can grab so many different freebies as you pan through the year. Discounts and buy one get one free offers happen through the year, and you can leap on those for eleven months before Christmas month even begins! You can sign up for vouchers and money-off options, discounts and more and so many of these come out before the summer months even begin.

VIP Promos

Almost every business out there will put out promos at the end of the sales, and January is a prime sales month. You can buy so many of next Christmas’ gifts in the January sales, and you can even use gift cards to save up to buy your gift shopping if you can’t hold onto cash. The early bird catches the worm, and you can be that early bird with all of the offers as your worm. Make a list of who you usually buy for, and you can start buying gifts and even wrapping them to be in storage!

You get more time

When you start buying in January, you have more time to be thoughtful about the gifts that you buy. You can budget per person, and this will help you out when you buy your gifts. You can even plan how you want to surprise people! Hampers and gifts, wrapping paper and tags – it all takes planning.


Are you a lover of all things frugal? Great – then this will suit you fine! Shopping a year in advance sounds crazy to most people, but with early shopping you avoid ramped up Christmas prices, competition for all things popular and you can put money aside for that extra popular trendy gift the kids might want but don’t know about yet!

Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be a scary and stressful time. All you need to do to forget about worrying is shop early, plan early and make Christmas a focus for more than just a few weeks. January is a time of renewal so renew your gift hampers!

What do you do to start planning for Christmas early?

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