why do kids hurt themselves so much?
Why do kids hurt themselves so much?

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You find that as you slowly start to ease into the role of motherhood, the list of things you can’t do as a parent gets ever longer! But after a while, you realise that you don’t want to venture far from the home because you don’t know what sort of a mess your child will get themselves into!

Even having an afternoon shopping by yourself runs up so many concerns and your mind, that maybe they’ve fallen over, or they set the house on fire. And usually, it’s the former, thankfully. But why do kids hurt themselves so much?

And while children are going to fall over when they start to walk, how come when they get even older, that they just seem to become more of a whirlwind, or “all arms and legs,” and know exactly what point on their head to hit so that it exacts the most damage?

Why Are They So Clumsy?

It’s to do with their balance. By the age of 3, they should be able to stay away from most collisions, but if you ever have any concerns you should check a doctor. But in addition, just make sure that you keep the home a bit safer. It’s important to childproof your home, even if they are old enough to know better. After all, it’s always a good idea to keep that first aid box packed to the rafters. Making sure that you have plenty of plasters and wound cleanser is just good common sense. But you have to remember that they are just developing their natural curiosity whether they are 3 or older.

Take Out That Brickwork!

As frustrating as it is, you’ve got to childproof your home. Probably the last time you did it you were making sure that your baby couldn’t reach up and hit their head on hard corners. As your child gets older, it’s about making sure that corners don’t poke out as much, but also make sure that you keep certain areas off-limits when they are by themselves. Keeping them away from extra hard surfaces like slate or brick is important. The problem is when they are old enough to ignore you, and this is partly to do with making sure that you don’t overreact every time they bump their heads. If you make a fuss every time they fall over, this can discourage them from exploring. This is why childproofing your home is one of the better options.

Will They Always Be This Clumsy?

If you have any real concerns, you need to take them to a specialist. But you have to remember that the reason they hurt themselves is that they are exploring, and part of this means they are learning lessons. You have to remember that they are going to be naturally inquisitive, and you can’t really tell them to not explore. But as long as you’ve ruled out any potential health issues, the real reason kids hurt themselves so much and are clumsy is that they are usually just distracted. Teach some spacial awareness and some common sense and you’ll get there.

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