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Summer is a wonderful time of year. The kids are off school and you get to spend lots of time with them, the days are longer, the sun is out more often, and in general everyone is much happier in the summer months. So why should the amazing feeling we have all summer end once October hits and the weather starts getting a little cooler? Here are some ways in which you can keep the summer alive all year round!

keeping summer alive

Activity days

As parents we have to plan a plethora of activity days each year, especially around the summer holidays so that our children don’t become bored and begin to play us up. It’s also a fabulous way of getting all of their pent up energy out so that you can have the easiest evening possible.

Don’t let activity days end once the summer holidays do. Even though the children are back at school, take them out for the day as often as you can to make sure they’re getting the most fresh air and excitement they can. After all, they’re only children for a short amount of time. Not only will it help them burn off energy, but it’s a great way to spend valuable time together and it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank either. Even taking a trip to the park or going for a long walk with the children will be better for them than sitting inside being brainwashed by the TV. It’s also a great form of exercise for the whole family too!


Just because the weather is getting cooler, why should we put away all of our fabulously bright and wonderful summer clothes? Understandably we won’t always be able to walk around in a pair of shorts and a vest top, but you can still pair many of your summer clothing with winter clothes to make sure you’re warm.

Why not go for fresh-pick sundress options which would include pairing the dress with a warm pair of tights and a cosy shawl? This way you’d be able to stay as warm as you need to, while looking as bright and fabulous as the summer time does.


If the opportunity arises, why not take your loved one and children on holiday for a last minute break this year? There are always last minute bookings available to almost any country that you can think of, and at this time of year the prices are going to be super cheap.

Doing this will give you all a chance to top up your tans, relax between busy schedules and more importantly, experience something new with the people that mean the most to you.

Another great part of going away later in the year is that the tourist season is over, so you will be able to experience the culture more closely, and things will also be much cheaper than if you went during tourist season.


Who says that when the seasons change that we should change the delicious food that we’ve eaten over the summer months? It’s likely that you’ve enjoy many BBQs and tried more exotic foods over the summer time. Even if you can’t have a BBQ outside, why not throw some burgers into the oven and have an indoor BBQ with the family? Everyone loves being able to pick and choose what they have on their plates, so change up your food routine a little and keep the summer food going!


Get yourself and your children outdoors as much as possible! Being inside all day each day can bring anyone’s mood down dramatically. The fresh air will bring you a new breath of life and you will find the winter time less depressing. Even it’s pouring with rain, grab your hats, coats and wellies and head outside for some seriously fun puddle splashing!

If you’re lucky enough to live in a country that experiences snowfall each winter, then use that as an excuse to get yourself outside to build snowmen and create snow angels on the floor. Also, who doesn’t love a good snowball fight?

The Final Say

As you can see, these 5 ways of keeping the summer alive will help you and the whole family keep your spirits high when the winter months roll around. Summer shouldn’t have to end when the leaves begin to fall, so try one of these five ways of keeping the summer alive!

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