2020 is not messing about and neither should your business be!

No doubt, this year has given you more challenges than an episode of The Crystal Maze and you have had to navigate through uncertainty and unprecedented financial hardship.

To fully get through the next wave of impending hardships businesses face there are some elements that are going to need to be corrected and put in place for your business to push through, and they are based around your current website.

your website

People are going to spend more time at home over the winter months and are going to want things to come to them. That means that how you provide that required service is going to need to be able to provide their picky standards straight off rhe bat.

This is that time where you embrace responsive web design. With people using mobile phones and tablets to search online more than a desktop computer, your website needs to meet the browsing requirements of them and make them easily accessible for those who pick up a phone when they feel they need something.

If your website ain’t looking good on a phone then your service is looking pretty shoddy and out of touch with today’s requirements. How many clients are you losing to a competitor who is compliant with their needs?

your website

When it comes to your website, you are going to need speed. If it’s taking longer than 5 seconds to load then they are already gone to the next option. With Google taking site speed into consideration on its ranking factor, you are going to need the speed to succeed.

It is also important to reevaluate your goals to ensure any changes in them are obvious to your users. If you are selling services or products, the goal is to entice them to check them out and leave enough room for them to contact you with any questions or enquiries regarding them. Also, always take time to make sure that content is updated and specific changes to service or products are clearly mapped out for them to see.

For those adopting search engine tactics, one of the most overlooked is usually the volume of other sites linking to you. You must understand the importance of Google taking into consideration everything on your site and determining where your rank is and considering what other sites think about you. To have that working for you is the difference in a huge potential payoff.

your website

If you have not had any clients post reviews or testimonials then its high time you collated them. This is the time for people wanting reliability and good word of mouth. Those stuck between choices will more likely feel obliged to come to a company with positive word of mouth over none.

There are many other areas that can be a driving focus of upping your online game. Stockport website design companies are currently leading the charge in bringing about businesses nationwide in engaging with clients through effective trading on the internet.

Today’s changes are going to be tomorrow’s basic elements. It’s time to join the new normal. 

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