While we only just rung in the new year, Valentine’s Day is already just around the corner. If you like to avoid a last-minute mad dash to try to find something for your significant other, take inspiration from our list and get your shopping done a little early. It might even help to take your mind off the new lockdown restrictions that have come into effect across the UK.

Valentine's day

Luxury Grooming Products

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to get your SO something small yet luxurious that they wouldn’t really buy for themselves. Get him a cologne that you love the smell of, a lavish beard grooming kit or a fancy razor subscription if he needs to keep a clean-shaven look. They’re small tokens of your love that are equally thoughtful and useful.

Shop Some Bawbags Underwear

Bawbags started their company wanting to sell products and raise money for charity at the same time – and they’re succeeding! For every sale, a portion of their proceeds go directly to cancer charities. What’s not to love? They also have an amazing range of men’s boxers to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find something for your SO. Each purchase comes with free UK shipping!

Get a Craft Beer Gift Set

Many men and women alike, up and down the country, are really missing their trip down the local pub. While it’s not quite the same, reminisce about the good ol’ days with a craft beer gift set. You could get one from your partner’s favourite brewery, or alternatively, introduce him to new tastes and flavours with a mixed gift set. Beer Hawk has a great gift set collection, if you’re not sure where to start.

Get Something Personalised

If you’re really unsure where to even start, then check out a website like Not On The High Street. Many retailers have joined their platform, so you can easily browse a variety of online brands. They’re an ideal place to start if you want to get something personalised, but you’re not quite sure what. They have everything from personalised glassware to personalised prints and guitar stands. Even if you end up ordering elsewhere, it’s a great website to get some inspiration for your partner.

Don’t Forget a Card

Finish your perfect Valentine’s Day present with a funny card. Thortful is a fantastic website to do some card shopping as they have an amazing range of funny and cheeky cards. It’s the ideal place to shop if you want something a little more original than the sappy supermarket cards. How about a loving card that says, ‘You’ll do’ or ‘I like you enough to buy this card’! Whatever type of humour you and your partner share, you’re guaranteed to find something suitable.

If you are planning on doing something for Valentine’s Day, just make sure you do not put off your gift-buying to the last minute! Especially now with the pandemic, postal services might be a bit swamped and could delay your gift. Happy shopping!

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