The varying speeds at which we have to switch gears in our daily lives add quite a bit of undue stress. Consecutively that combined with ageing shows up first on the face. Now, for many wrinkles and age lines aren’t that much of a big deal. However, if you think that Instagram models are just frozen in time or that ‘all-natural’ look is just effortlessly obtained, you are living in a dream world. Makeup does contribute to the alluring looks that most models have on their portfolio but making age lines and wrinkles disappear is the work of Botox. So, even if you hate makeup, getting a Botox treatment at sources like Therapie Clinic is a great way to ensure your age doesn’t show up in your face.


By paralysing the facial muscles that allow us to change our expression, Botox provides time for the ageing skin to repair itself at the creases and fill up space near the muscles, reducing wrinkles in the process. Since the Botox injection is extracted from a bacterium, it is completely organic and doesn’t have any side effects. Plus, the repair that is done by the skin tissue is long-lasting, natural and stays beyond the absorption of Botox into the skin.

Through the Botox injection, even heavy and harsh wrinkles see a major amount of improvement. Skin elasticity and suppleness increase for a period of 3-4 months at least, after the initial procedure.

The doctor might make certain markings on your face to pinpoint the locations where Botox injections or neuromodulators will be used. These spots generally indicate the places where the facial muscles are most active, and the skin hasn’t been as elastic.

There are various products that contain varying amounts of Botox and consequently, every product has a certain time within which it can show visible effects. Most products used by doctors show their results within 2-3 weeks. There are products that can work faster as well. Upon your consultation with the doctor, you can inform about the timelines in which you want to see the results and based on your physiology and skin sensitivity, the doctor will suggest the product that can work the best for you.

Botulinum toxin is a naturally produced compound, but it is still a foreign substance as far as the human body is concerned. Though the injection has nothing to do with the bacteria that produce the toxin, some people might have extended irritation from the injections. Thus, thorough consultation and prognosis is very important before opting for a Botox treatment.

Additionally, just like no two faces are exactly the same, no product will work exactly in the same manner for two people. If your friend used a particular product, it might not work as effectively for you. There’s a reason why doctors are involved in this procedure and it is not a home remedy.

Botox treatments can be used by almost anyone, as a preventative measure or to remove old wrinkles. The latter takes more time to be covered but it works, nevertheless. Just be sure to consult with a good doctor before doing anything.

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