Trends and fashions come and go and it is no different in the interior design world. In fact, there is more emphasis placed on interior design, and it’s more accessible than ever before. From social media profiles showing you how to DIY to ones showing the latest styles. Then there is a huge range of websites selling products at affordable prices, sourced all over the world or even auction sites for you to buy them second hand.

The doors you choose for your home can have a more significant effect on the overall look and feel of your space than you realise, so getting them right is essential. But as with everything, some dramatic styles are becoming more popular, so we’ve picked out our top interior door styles for 2020. Read on to find out what they are…

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High doors

Not ones you need ladders to climb through, but ones which are above average in height. These aren’t the preserve of giants; rather they can make a high ceiling room looking incredibly stylish by adding that extra, unusual edge. You can get these custom-made but can also buy off-the-shelf too.

Glazed doors

Not only can solid wood doors be dark, but they also limit the amount of light which can pass through your space. Internal glazed doors will be big for 2020 as they allow such a lot light to circulate your home brightening it up in an instant. They are available in a variety of materials, styles and finishes so can tie in with whatever your particular ‘look’ is.

Wide doors

In a similar way to the high gates, wide doors can make your home look ultra-modern so are bang on trend for 2020. They create a feeling of space throughout your property too and will encourage air and light to circulate. These can give a sumptuous and almost regal feel to any home. Have a lookout for them to see if they would suit your house.

Coloured doors

All doors have some colour to them, but they are often generic woods, greys and whites. This year, you’ll see an increasing number of coloured doors which create a striking effect. You could use them in contrasting colours and change them regularly too to suit the changing seasons as it’s comparatively easy and inexpensive to paint them yourself.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors to the outside were popular some years ago but the fashion has sifted to bi-fold doors to bring the outside inside. 2020 sees the popularity of sliding doors surge again but this time on the interior.  This is a great way to have a wide door without requiring a considerable amount of space to swing it open. They also give the ability to create a larger living space if they are used to separate two fitting rooms. Open-plan lounge/dining room anyone?

Interior design trends don’t have to be limited to furniture and accessories; your doors can get in on the act too. So make sure you stay at the cutting edge of style this year by having one of these interior door types in your home.

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