podcasts and audiobooks to help you get more done

Let’s face it, none of us has any spare time to relax and unwind at the end of the day. After a full day of work, we turn off our computers and begin another full-time shift managing the home and preventing it from descending into complete chaos.

That means sitting back with a good book is almost impossible. For those that love reading fiction, this is a travesty as there’s no time to get lost in a land of make-believe where the stresses and strains of reality fade away. These books can stay with you long after you’ve put them down, and will often change your outlook on life.

And that doesn’t include non-fiction books. These guides can offer up great advice on how to get things done faster, tell you how to start a business, and even provide tools and techniques for improving our finances. There are works of non-fiction for everyone too. If you’re looking to eat better, you’ll find plenty of advice on nutrition and more delicious recipes than you could ever have time to cook.

Thankfully, modern technology has come to the rescue. Podcasts and audiobooks make it easy to get the benefits of a book without having to find the time to sit down and actually read. These new forms of media have become very popular in recent years. In the UK around 25% of people listen to podcasts, while in the US, that number equates to around half of the population. This is in part thanks to the huge variety on offer, including podcasts dedicated to every topic you can imagine, from poker, to cooking, finance, movies, and much more.

Audiobooks and podcasts are more convenient than print media because you can listen to them while doing other tasks like cooking, cleaning, working out, driving, shopping, or walking. They’re easy to dip in and out of whenever you have a spare few minutes. Some companies, like Blinkist, have even begun making abridged versions of books and podcasts that give you all the key points in just a few minutes.

However you listen, here are some great audiobooks and podcasts that’ll help you develop new ways to get more from your day.

Women at Work

The Work at Work podcast is hosted by Laura Zarrow, the Executive Director of Wharton People Analytics. Each week, Laura interviews successful and powerful women from all walks of life to provide other women with inspiration and advice on how to succeed in the world of work.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book by Robert Kiyosaki and was published way back in 1997. Despite being more than two decades old, all of the concepts, tools, and techniques laid out by Kiyosaki remain applicable to today.

He uses his unique perspective of growing up with “two dads”, the poor one was his actual father while the rich one was his friend’s dad who gave him lots of financial advice. It’s a great book to help you understand the principles of looking after your money, how to think about income, and how to spend wisely.

Kiyosaki has published several sequels to Rich Dad Poor Dad, but the original remains the best and most useful. You can find it in audiobook format at Amazon or you can listen to the abridged version at Blinkist.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss rose to fame when he published the best selling book The 4 Hour Work Week in 2007. In it, he discussed techniques to free yourself from the traditional thinking of work, how to cut out distractions, and to spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

He’s published several follow-ups to his original book and has since launched his own podcast called The Tim Ferriss Show. It’s got more than 10,000 5-star reviews and been listened to more than 600 million times, so it’s clear to see many people find a lot of value in the nuggets of wisdom he shares.

He often interviews expert guests to get key insights into different areas like investing, exercise, spirituality, and negotiating.

podcasts and audiobooks to help you get more done

The Classy Career Girl Podcast

The Classy Career Girl Podcast was first published in 2010 by Anna Runyan with the goal of helping women achieve their career goals. It’s the perfect companion to the Classy Career Girl website, which provides articles and resources to get more from their work or business.

As a testament to the Classy Career Girl Podcast’s reach, it’s been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and even ESPN.

Each episode is packed with valuable advice on everything from starting a business to building good habits.

Can you recommend any podcasts and audiobooks to help you get more done?

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