tips for parents to let loose

No one said becoming a parent would be easy. In fact, we made that clear in ‘For When Parenting is Hard…’ as the reality is – it’s rarely ever a walk in the park. While it is ultimately rewarding and fulfilling, some days may just leave you totally depleted. When a vacation is out of the question, allot some time to just take a breather – you owe it to yourself! Sometimes you just need to let loose, shake off your worries, and reminisce about your youth.

Here are some suggestions for how to let loose:

Throw a Solo Dance Party

While you may no longer have some of your favourite records, platforms like Spotify or Apple Music give you access to an entire library of tunes you used to jam or dance to back in the day. Whatever you go-to playlist is for bringing you back in time – whether it be the best of the seventies to the early naughts or any decade in between, put on an old outfit that makes you feel good and blast your music as loud as you can. Having a solo dance party can even be a quick little form of exercise to boost your energy.

Play Online Board Games

You may not be as adept at using technology compared to younger people who are considered digital natives, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t join in on the fun. Developments in technology have actually made it a lot simpler for you to access fond memories from the past. Online board games are becoming a popular form of online gaming for all generations as you can play classics from your youth without having to hunt down a physical copy.

Hasbro have even gone as far as to create accurate online versions of Monopoly. In fact, there are also versions of the popular board game that have been adapted and changed for new platforms. There are a number of titles based on the Hasbro classic on Foxy Bingo including Monopoly Live and Monopoly Grand Hotel, that take the key aspects of the game and adapt them for online audiences. If you ever feel nostalgic you can play an accurate version or online adaption of your favourite board game.

Cook an Old Favourite

Chances are, you have a guilty pleasure dish that immediately transports you back decades ago. You might have specialised in an instant noodle-junk food hybrid from your university days, or are craving for your mother’s tuna casserole from your childhood. However gross or delicious it may be – and although it may be far from nutritious – when it comes to comfort the rules don’t need to apply. On occasion, you may just need to indulge without feeling guilty. A random treat reminds us that aside from being fuel, food is also about enjoyment.

Pick Up and Old Hobby Where You Left Off

It’s so easy to lose yourself in your new normal that you may forget the person you once were long ago. This is why it’s extremely important to have an outlet that brings you back to your roots. You likely had a hobby years back and may have overlooked how essential this was to who you are. It’s never too late to go back to it – whether it may have been painting or playing the drums – having a hobby allows you to have fun and express your creativity in ways other than what you have grown accustomed to. Spending just a few moments to yourself dedicating whatever time you have to these hobbies will make you feel good and rewarded, not just as a parent, but as an individual too.

Allowing yourself even a few sporadic moments to indulge in these activities and let loose when the time permits is a great way of preventing yourself from burning out. Sometimes, we may just need to tap into our past to ground us in the present and prepare us for the future.

How do you let loose?

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