London is amongst the most beautiful places to in the world. One could relish its scenic beauty and visit the famous tourist spots. But this is more fun for adults.

Did you know that London could be equally fun-filled for your kids as well? Yes, it is, indeed! Check out the following list of places you could visit with your kid while in London:

1 Watch the Lion King and Aladdin Show

You can take your kid to the official screening of Disney’s oldest and most famous character, Aladdin. The Lion King and Aladdin Show are major musical and drama attractions for kids at the Prince Edward Theatre, London.

The show is screened three time a week (Monday, Thursday and Saturday). So what are waiting for? Book your tickets and have fun!

2 See the Penguins at the ZLS London Zoo

The ZLS London Zoo is quite different from other zoos your kids may have visited. It is because there is nowhere else in the world that they can come so close to Penguins.

This zoo has specially recreated an artificial Penguin Beach where your kids can play with them and you can even adopt one. Exciting isn’t it!

3 Watch Dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park

Your kids can have a visit to Crystal Palace Park which is famous for the giant sculptures of dinosaurs. If your kid is a Jurassic Park fan, they are definitely going to love seeing those stone creatures.

Crystal Palace Park is very easy to visit if you are staying at the Hotel Park Grand London Hyde Park, one of the best hotels in London, which is also very nearby to it.

4 Warner Bros Studio Tour

All kids love the Harry Potter movies and books and have had the fantasy to experience those magical things themselves. Well, some of that fantasy can actually come truly alive in London.

You and your kids can take the tour of the Warner Bros Studio and witness all the authentic sets (Diagon Alley being a special attraction) along with the costumes and props used in the Harry Potter movies.

5 V&A Museum of Childhood

Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum of Childhood is located at the Bethnal Green in East London, and is home to childhood objects and applied art collectables. It houses objects as old as the seventeenth century.

Your kids can find toys, dolls, games and hand-crafted objects and could learn how children during 17th century lived and what activities they did. Kids are always fascinated to know what other kids do.

6 Visit Platform 9 ¾

Again, for Harry Potter fan kids, there is one more treat they probably don’t want to miss. It is the most famous and magical railway platform in the world. It is located in the King’s Cross Station in London where you can pose for a photo with the trolley and pretend to be entering into the magical world of Harry Potter by boarding a train to Hogwarts from Platform 9 ¾!

7 Oxygen FreeJumping Trampoline Park

Oxygen FreeJumping Trampoline Park is the best trampoline park in the world for kids to have ten different types of bouncy fun-filled experiences. These include trampolines, airbag, fitness challenges, dodgeball courts and other activities. Kids are provided with personal training sessions according to their age.


Make sure you take your kids to all these exciting places so that they can experience all the fun and make the most out of their London trip.

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