Shopping for the right archery gear can be challenging because of the wide variety of items available and the little time available. Even in situations where you know exactly what you need, finding it may be a daunting task. Maybe your friend suggested a bow, or you were lucky enough to see it on TV or in a movie, but never found the item when you started looking for it. Unfortunately, very few of these props turn into real, buyable and usable items. You can visit to learn more.

Archery Hobbyist

 Here are some of the items an archery hobbyist needs:

1.    Armguards

Archers usually wear arm guards to prevent bruising of their arms every time they shoot. For only $5, arm guards will do the job for you. They will help protect the bow arm from a bowstring as it speeds swiftly past the arm during a shot. Also, they come in different colors, with some being available in leather.

 2.    Releases

We always try to accommodate different bow types and release aids for all archers. The following are the best choices to help in releasing the bowstring. For example, if you like to shoot the compound bow, we suggest the release aid. They normally cost about $30 – $45 and a good one will last for longer. You should not just grab any that you find, consider visiting the local archery store and enquire from the attendant what types will suit your shooting style and benefit you in the long run. 

3.    Quivers

Every archer needs a quiver to properly hold their arrow, right? Most people still think that archers use back quivers like the ones worn by Robin Hood. Well, not anymore. Currently, most archers prefer a hip quiver or a field quiver. A normal hip quiver keeps the arrow nocks facing outwards, whereas the field quiver usually keeps the nock facing behind and up. This gives an archer a “back quiver feeling” without the need to slip up for arrows that an archer cannot see. 

4.    Bow

You only need around $100 to buy a recurve bow. The good news is that the bows are quite easy to install and you can start shooting right away! Recurve bows are available in different lengths. Typically, the most suitable size of a bow is within 2 inches of the archer’s height. However, there is no problem if the re-curve bow is slightly taller than the archer. Keep in mind that recurve bows do not come with the bowstring or arrow rest, thus you should be ready to buy these items because they are very essential to a proper shooting bow. 

5.    Arrows

It is very important for you to always remember that arrows are not always universal. Choose the right arrow for your shooting needs and bow by determining its draw length, draw weight and bow style. Choosing the most suitable arrow can be tricky because you need to know your draw weight and draw length to make sure you purchase the appropriate shafts.

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