It’s coming. We know it is. We just don’t really know when. Yes, we’re talking about getting our freedom back and having the world open up again. Where we’re no longer forced into the shops one at a time, patiently waiting for someone to please kindly move out of the way so you can nab the last couple of packets of biscuits to satisfy your three p.m. on the dot slump. 

We’re talking about finally sending our work equipment back to where it belongs, meetings can start happening face to face, and our work life balance can be restored- Hoo-ray!

Most of us made the fast transition to working from home just under a year ago now, and, if we’re truly, truly honest with ourselves, the novelty may well have worn off some time ago as this ‘temporary measure’ soon became a permanent reality. 

However, most of us enjoy a good moan about something or other, so here are some of the things that we will secretly (or not so secretly) miss about working from home. 

miss about working from home

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What we will miss about working from home:

Spending More Time With Family 

If you’ve got kids, you’ve likely been juggling homeschooling with working from home, and that, quite frankly, means you deserve an award. As much as we might complain about the constant bickering and being eaten out of house and home, you’ll miss your kids and the opportunity you’ve had to watch them learn new things every day. 

There’s nothing that  a custom personalised mouse mat showing your kids smiling faces won’t fix as you start to miss them as you sit at your desk and they’re all back at school, though. 

Later Starts 

Let’s not lie to ourselves, the thought of an alarm pre six a.m fills us with a liiiiittle bit of dread, right? It’s been quite nice to be able to get up at around seven thirty in the morning, have ourselves a nice shower, a bite to eat that wasn’t prepared en masse and packaged up in paper or polystyrene before casually making your way to your work station and logging in at five to nine (because being early is best). Now that you’re not travelling into work, you can shave off some of the time it takes to put your hair and makeup together and generously donate it to the snooze buttons to get you more beauty rest.

Getting more sleep is one of the main reasons that WFH is utter bliss.


OK, this is one of the best things about working from home. Not a single minute of wasted time getting on a train or sitting in traffic on your way to work. Amazing.

That means not accidentally falling face-to-crotch as the train or bus grinds to a halt, no packed carriages filled with the great unwashed on your way home. No. More. Delays! 

It’s no more listening to people’s loud phone calls as they plan what they’re having for dinner.

Not to mention, saving potentially ten hours a week to do other stuff. Brilliant. 

What will you miss about working from home?

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