Though the need to break away from responsibilities and chill out at times is overwhelming, many parents can struggle to really switch off and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, it’s not just the kids who worry all the time in the end. Are the kids okay? Do they need us? Should I call three times a day? These questions constantly dog caring parents whenever they’re enjoying some down time.

Well, these frantic questions quickly disappear when you step foot inside London as a parent! You should pick up some off-peak tickets and enjoy everything it has to offer. There’s lots to see and do, and it’s the perfect location for enjoying some uninterrupted quality time with your partner. So, what you can do on a day out in London?

day out in London

See a Show

London is home to some of the best theatre the world has ever seen, with the West End entertaining millions of people year after year. From Mamma Mia to the Lion King, to Matilda to Only Fools and Horses, each production offers something completely different time and again. Musicals or narrative driven suspense thrillers, it’s all here.

There are uplifting West End shows, and gritty and gore dramas on stage. Of course, some shows are also led by world famous actors, and others by more obscure, but equally as compelling talent. The larger point here is that the West End is diverse in everything it offers, so if you’re one of those ‘ugh musical theatre’ kind of people, worry not – there’re some productions that are like Breaking Bad on stage! Shop around, see what interests you!

day out in London

Shopping… and More Shopping

Everyone loves a good shopping spree! If you’re in London, that urge to treat yourselves becomes more difficult to suppress. Well, do away with that kind of thinking – splash out on a one-off item… or two, three, four, etc. You can find things in London you can’t find anywhere else in the world, so if you see that one mind blowing product, scoop it up if you can afford to!

For example, London has the huge Harrods shop to show off! Every floor has a plethora of unique products to choose from – various, wonderful things that will truly thrill and surprise you. Much of it is expensive, sure, but if you don’t go to London all that often and want a memento to remember your delightful trip by, Harrods is the place to go!

day out in London

Dinner at The Ritz

This is a very extravagant way to go, but if you and your partner are celebrating something, The Ritz is the place to do your toasts and drink your champagne. It’s posh and pricey and you’ll no doubt be rubbing shoulders with a celebrity or two, and it’s truly a place unlike any other. Architecturally stunning and never failing to please, The Ritz is world famous.

Of course, it might be that you’d feel out of place going somewhere like this. If that’s the case, worry not – all the staff are warm, welcoming and friendly, and you’ll always be treated with great respect and kindness. In no time, you’ll feel like you belong, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself if you’re not someone who typically goes to these kinds of places.

day out in London

What would be your perfect day out in London?

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