Engagement is an exciting time in any relationship, but there’s no longer a ‘right’ time for it to happen. Once, it was traditional for a couple to get engaged and wed well before kids and living together, but that’s no longer the case. Now, we’re all able to navigate our love stories however suits. For some, the traditional marriage first still works. For others, marriage needn’t even come into things. And, for some, kids and family come before the need for a wedding.

Still, after you’ve done the work of parenting, you and your partner may find that a wedding doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. And, you’re lucky to have kids around who can help take your engagement to the next level. 


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That’s right; your engagement needn’t be separate from the family unit you’ve already created. In fact, many parents find that it works wonders to get the kids involved in the engagement process. This is a guaranteed way to start your marriage journey as you mean to go on, and we’ve got some simple steps on what your kids can bring to the party.

It’s a family thing

A lot goes into the ideal proposal. It takes the right setting, the right speech, and engagement ring perfection that is fit for a bride. In some cases, it also takes a family vibe. After all, is there anything more romantic than the family the two of you have built together? We don’t think so. As such, giving kids even a cameo role in the process can take your engagement to the next level. Whether they’re holding candles in the background or leading the bride-to-be towards the engagement location, this is a sure way to a resounding acceptance and an engagement that stands the test of wedding planning. 

Kids say the cutest things


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We all know that kids say the cutest things sometimes. Their open and occasionally simplistic view of the world makes for unashamedly romantic statements and ‘aww’ moments. That’s why they can also give some killer engagement speeches. Okay; they may need a little help with the actual writing of the thing. But, imagine having your kid narrate the moment as you make this commitment to each other. You can bet that you’ll both start blubbing the moment your youngster opens their mouths. Even better, they’ll be adorably confused about why you’re feeling so sentimental!

The best engagement photos

Any couple comes back to their engagement photos time and again. It’s a pretty special moment, after all, and a memory that you’ll want to treasure for all time. Not to mention that you’ll be showing those snaps to everyone you talk to in the coming weeks! So, why not take those photos up a gear by getting your kids involved? This moment may be about you and the person you love, but your kids are a massive part of that. Engagement photos with the whole family will, therefore, work even better. Imagine getting this unique family print framed and hung above the fireplace. It doesn’t get better for treasuring the moment!

A guaranteed seal of approval

As exciting as engagements can be, it does spell a change of sorts for your kids. Happy as that chance can be, this can be tough for children to get their heads around, especially when they’re young. It may be that they start acting out of misunderstanding what your engagement means. And, every couple knows that a wedding will never be possible without the kid’s all-important seals of approval.

But, guess what? Getting them involved in your engagement itself pretty much guarantees that all-important approval. That’s because your kids will be so involved in the process that they’ll forget to worry about it. Plus, taking part in the engagement can go a long way towards helping them understand what it all means. That, in turn, can lead to the happily ever after your family so sorely deserves.

A final word

On the surface of things, getting your kids engaged in your engagement can seem like you’re asking for trouble. Once you consider what exactly they can bring to the process, though, it’s plain to see that they can take things to the next level. 

Carry on this family vibe by letting your kids take care of small things during your wedding prep, such as sweet choices and music selections. This wedding is about all of you, after all, and remembering that is a guaranteed way to a day you’ll never forget. 

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