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My youngest son turned two at the end of March.  And yes, it only seems like yesterday that he was wriggling and kicking inside me.  It maybe a cliche but those first 1000 days from pregnancy to turning two, goes by so quickly.

The first 1000 Days

And how things change in that time.  Particularly feeding.  Firstly the newborn days when you’re not really sure which way is up and spend hours watching box sets as you feed your precious little bundle.  Are they getting enough?  What happens is they spit up all of their feed, do I need to start again?

But here’s a reassuring fact for you: One of the many benefits of breastfeeding is it contains the right amount of protein for your child, and changes as they grow.  These changes ensure babies grow at the appropriate rate.  So not only did your body produce that tiny miracle, but it is now giving that miracle every thing it needs.  Go your body!

First time round I had one of those ‘hungry babies,’ you know where you spend 45 minutes feeding them and 15 minutes later (normally as you’ve just made yourself a cup of tea) they want feeding again!  The cuddles were worth sacrificing a hot cup of tea for.  

Then there’s the nighttime feed, where you desperately try and keep your baby awake and feeding for longer that two minutes, in the hope that if they feed for long enough this might be ‘the night‘.  You know the one where they actually sleep through.  But in the meantime when you are doing the 1am feed and you are barely managing to keep your eyes open, and wondering if you will ever have a full nights sleep again, reassure yourself that you are doing your best for your baby’s future.  

Pretty soon you emerge from the newborn fog and find yourself living life in approximately 4 hour cycles.  Can we squeeze in a trip to the shops before the next feed? Parenting Sods Law #32 dictates that they will be due for a feed at any appointment you need to attend.

Before you know it you enter the world of weaning.  It’s a messy affair with lots of strange facial expressions and squeals of excitement over fromage frais.  You conduct lots of stain removal experiments, and try to work out the precise amount of time you can leave cereal before it turns to cement.  

And there is the worry that goes with weaning, are they still having enough milk?  Are they eating the right kinds of foods?  Does their diet contain the nutrients they need?  

SMA Nutrition  

Then come the toddler years, where yesterdays favourite is thrown on the floor in disgust. A trip to the greengrocers involves them shouting “boobies, boobies” whilst performing the ‘honk honk’ motion with their hands.  It’s hard to convince people they mean “blueberries!”

Before you had a chance to catch your breath, your tiny helpless baby has become a walking, talking little person, normally leaving a trail of mess in their wake.

But through all the changes in the first 1000 days, there is one thing that remains the same, and that is the need for good nutrition.  It has been proven that good nutrition in the first 1000 days positively effects a child’s future growth and development.  And they can continue to amaze you at every stage.

For more information on protein and the benefits for your child in the first 1000 days, check out this short video from the clever science people at SMA Nutrition.


What feeding stage of the first 1000 days did you enjoy the most?

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