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When you become a parent everything seems to revolve around the baby. Once the sleepless nights are over you have to be running after a toddler, yet a few more years and school starts and a whole bunch of other things to think about. Luckily in this day and age, there are countless gadgets for parents that make parents’ lives easier and help them relax better. 

In this piece, we will give you some ideas of some worthy investments you can make to make your and your children’s lives safer, easier and more fun. Carlos Norberg, an iGaming expert from Sweden gave us some tips and hopefully, some of them will come in handy for you. You can find out more about Carlos if you click here

Smoothie maker

Sometimes it is hard to get children to eat fruits and vegetables. Not if you blend them into a delicious, sweet smoothie though! The great thing about blenders and smoothie makers is that the drinks you can make with them are so versatile. Use fruit juice as a base, banana to make the drink creamy and tropical fruit for a sweet drink that is yellow in colour and all children will love. 

If you want a drink that replaces breakfast you can add dried oats and use soy milk, regular milk or even chocolate milk as a base. You might even be able to get your child to eat some veggies this way. Try and mix celery, avocado, broccoli or cucumber into the smoothie for a vitamin and fibre packed treat!

iPad or Android tablet

Every parent needs some me time. Nowadays, there are tons of games available online that you can download for free or for a small fee. If you like casino games, you will get a much better user experience if you use a tablet for play slots than on a small screen of a smartphone. If you haven’t played casino games before, check out our nya casino sidor. All of these sites accept players from Sweden. 

Many casino phone websites are mobile and tablet-friendly, meaning that you will not miss out on anything if you play from a mobile device. In Sweden, Apple phones and tablets are more popular than Android ones but it is a personal choice so we are not going to tell you which one to opt for. 

A simple security camera

You can get a security camera for under SEK 3000 and it will give you peace of mind when you are out and about. You can place it anywhere you like, connect it with your smartphone through an app and it will give you a notification if motion is detected. So you can leave the baby in the cot sleeping while you are gardening outside or take a bath while your child is playing in the living room. Through a live feed, you can see what is happening in the room and can even talk to whoever is there, be it your family pet or your husband. 

Robot vacuum cleaner

New parents – and well even not so new ones – are often overwhelmed with how much work a baby or a toddler is. You might not have time to vacuum as often as you used to but with a baby around there will be more mess to clean up. So why don’t you get a robot vacuum cleaner? You can let it do the work when you take the children to daycare and nobody will be in the way. The robot will go around objects and go back to its charging station once it has done the hard work. It’s the perfect gadget for parents!

Phone grip

For the safety of your phone, a phone grip will come in handy when you have to multitask. You might be carrying the child in one arm when the phone rings and must be answered. With the phone grip, there is much less chance of dropping it. You can also be playing games while cooking. Download a poker phone app and play a game of poker while sitting on the bus and your child is sleeping on your lap. 


Drones are much more affordable now than they used to be. Imagine an 8-year-old practising his cycling skill. He is too big and bored to stay in your vicinity and would rather cycle around the perimeter of the park. You can let him do that while following his every move with the drone. 

If your child is a little bit older, you can let him handle the drone. Especially boys are crazy for these flying objects that can take cool photos of everything from unusual angles. 

Tile Bluetooth tracker

Are you tired of looking for your keys or purse every morning? You can purchase these small and inexpensive Bluetooth trackers, attach them to your keyring or handbag and will never lose them again. If your child keeps losing his school bag or favourite toy these little trackers can also come in handy. 

Blue light blocking glasses

Nowadays we spend most of our days looking at one screen or another. When you have a small child your life is full of excitement anyway and blue light disrupts the sleep pattern further. Try to wear them at least a few hours before going to bed if you spend those few hours in front of the television or the computer screen. 


The lives of parents are pretty tough, however, smart gadgets can take some of the burdens off your shoulder and help you have a more relaxed, safe and enjoyable life. 

What gadgets for parents would you recommend.

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