Shopping for a car becomes difficult once you start to add new members to the family. Gone are the days when you could dream of riding around in a convertible with the wind rushing through your hair; when you’re a parent, you’ll start to worry more about where everyone’s going to sit, and whether you’re going to have room for luggage.

Recognising this, the automotive industry has begun to put out an entirely new breed of family car: one that comes with seven seats rather than just five. They’re more affordable than they have ever been, and, thanks to the existence of reputable used dealerships like Fords of Winsford, they’re within reach of more of us than ever before. Let’s take a look at the best of 7-Seater Cars for Families.

7-Seater Cars

Škoda Kodiaq SUV

This is the first time that the Czech manufacturer has actually offered a seven-seater, but it’s got a lot in common with other models from VW-group brands. You’ll have a choice of front or four-wheel drive, and rear parking sensors, cruise control, and a few choice extras like keyless entry. If you want the full seven seats, however, you’ll be paying a little bit more.

Volvo XC90 SUV

According to Top Gear, this is ‘the best family SUV out there’ – which is high praise indeed when you consider the quantity of the competition. And Volvo have had quite a bit of practice in perfecting the SUV formula, being arguably the first brand to spot the SUV-shaped gap in the market back in the early 2000s.

Citroën Grand C4 Space Tourer MPV

This Citroën is priced to undercut similar offerings from Ford and Volkswagen, making it an affordable way to transport seven people from place to place. With that said, you’re only going to get that value if you opt for the cheaper 1.5 diesel versions, rather than the pricier 2.0.

SEAT Tarraco

Euro NCAP singled the Tarraco out for praise in their five-star crash test rating. While other cars in this category were able to achieve the same rating, the Tarraco managed to excel in keeping both the car’s occupants, and passing pedestrians, as safe as can be. Being as safety is such a pressing concern for most families, this is reason enough to recommend the Tarraco.

Hyundai Santa Fe

At one point in time, the UK accounted for a third of all Hyundai Santa Fe sales. And that was largely down to the price. Nowadays, however, it’s not quite as competitive as it once was, and you may find yourself paying less even for premium brands. With that said, you do get an easily-rearranged interior, and plenty of room in the boot, so things aren’t all bad!

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