The pandemic has caused many parents worldwide to come up with different ideas to entertain their kids at home by keeping them engaged in different fun and exciting activities, such as by making a puppet theatre. That said, many parents take up the cudgels of engaging in DIY wood projects and set up a wooden puppet theatre for their kids to play with.

Among the most popular puppets among kids are dinosaur puppets, and kids are seemingly obsessed with these. We recommend taking a break and checking out some dinosaur puppets at Only Dinosaurs to make the puppet theatre more interesting for your kids.

Gravitating back to the wooden puppet theatre, we would say that you can save much time and effort by having your desired design of the theatre printed and glued to a wooden plank. Understandably, you wouldn’t want to let your kids wait while you heavily indulge with the DIY home projects.

You can also include your kids in the DIY projects by encouraging them to color the prints with their favorite shades. They can also decorate the puppet theatre cardboard with stickers and other items according to their wishes.

puppet theatre

The Benefits of at Home Theatres

Depending on your children’s age, they can enjoy the staged shows or actively participate in the shows by staging themselves and playing different puppets. You, as a parent, can also act as their director and help them with the staging of home theatres.

Numerous research has proven that hand puppets, colorful images, plush toys, costumes, and vivid imagery catch the utmost attention of kids. We also include shadow puppets in this list as kids are fantasized with the black silhouettes against the bright background, which makes it a fun thing to watch as the story unfolds and more characters become part of the narrative.

Anything that has something to do with light, colors, dinosaur puppets and vivid imagery instantly captures infants’ attention and young kids. Therefore, by staging a puppet theatre, the kids will learn something new as they will get distracted from the boredom at home, especially during extensive lockdowns.

The Art of Puppet Storytelling

Understandably, imagination plays an essential role in developing young kids, and there is no better way than puppet storytelling to get their imagination running. You can recommend your kids by setting up a puppet show in the backyard while arranging yum snacks for them.

With summer just around the corner, puppet storytelling is definitely a trend that no one would want to miss out on. If the kids cannot come up with an idea, you can give them a story to work on. For instance, you could stick to the usual plot of a princess getting carried away by the dinosaur puppets, which take her to a stranded mountain.

The puppet princess remains at the mountain until the prince comes and rescues her after fighting off all of the dinosaur puppets. During this summer, you can make effective use of puppets to bring out your kids’ creative side while capturing their attention.

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