Dating is hard in general but dating as a single mom is a nightmare. You don’t only want to protect your heart from additional pain you also have your kids and their feelings to think about.

You don’t want them to get attached to somebody fleeting so you want to make sure that the guy you introduce them with is somebody who is going to stick around for the long run.

Keeping that in mind you want to have the secret formula that helps you avoid all the douchebags and assholes in the world but it seems that with each they are outnumbering the good ones.

Still, there are some good ones out there you just need to spot them in the see of all the wrong ones.

Dating as a single mom

How to do that?

Well, it’s not going to be easy. Goodness is usually silent and stays away from the spotlight. So I am here to direct your attention to men who just might be worth your time and efforts in dating as a single mom.

1. Mr. Kind

Have you ever met a guy that was just too nice and that was his biggest problem? I think we all did and I think we all discarded them loosely

A kind man will be the who does his best to make you happy and your children happy. He has an innate desire to take care of you and your children and honestly you need that right now you’ve been too strong for too long and it’s nice to have somebody to lean on.

2. Mr. Smart

Inteligence is sexy and if you fit the definition of sapiophile you know that all too well. If you don’t fit that definition and you associate someone who is overly intelligent with pure boredom you should widen your horizons.

You see there is much more to a smart guy than just brains. Yes, he might sometimes talk about things that leave you thinking “What the hell he’s talking about?” but if you take your time and really listen you just might learn something.

Also, most of the smart men have had troubles in dating just because they are too smart and they have a surplus of love to gift you and your children with.

They will always rationalize every difficulty you might encounter and find a solution before giving up which is a much-needed thing in todays dating world.

Not to mention that this man will come in handy every time your child needs help with homework or some project for school. All things considered, Mr. smart just might be the one you were looking for.

3. Mr. Shy Romantic

He might be a guy at work or someone you sees regularly checking you out from a distance but never getting the nerve to approach you.

He is the one who will get the nerve to approach you eventually but he will start to stutter or say some incoherent things, or something that doesn’t make much sense.

You will most likely have to make the first move but he will take it from there don’t worry. It’s just that the thought of asking you out is so intimidating for him. In his eyes, you are a goddess on Earth.

Before you know it he will send you cute love paragraphs and offer to pick your kids up from school. Not to mention that he will prioritize you, your children and your happiness.

4.  The Best Friend

Most women never even think about dating their best friend because they are too scared of ruining the friendship. While that’s a legit reason it’s still a pity not to see what you can make of this if there are genuine feelings from both sides.

Having a best friend and a lover all in one person is a recipe for a successful relationship and you will have that with him.

He is already a part of your family, so once you see if things work and break the news to your children they will probably be over the moon with happiness.

5. Mr. Single Dad

If anybody gets where you are coming from it’s him. You will know right from the start where you stand with him.

If he wants something without strings attached he will tell you and if he is looking for something more committed and long term he will tell you right from the start.

He has kids to think about and he doesn’t want to keep breaking their hearts by meeting daddy’s new girlfriend every other weekend and the same goes for you and your children.

Chances are you both want stability and security and you will build your relationship slowly before letting his or your children know. You know it’s going to be a challenge to combine your two worlds together but you will manage if you discover that your feelings are real and that two of you are compatible.

Tell me your dating as a single mom tips…

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Dating as a single mom is hard.  Here are the 5 types of men who are great in relationships.



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