Terms & Conditions for guest / contributed posts on Life, Love and Dirty Dishes:

1) Post content is to be approved by Claire Kirby.

2) Claire Kirby reserves the right to edit copy.

3) The disclaimer “This is a contributed post” will be used in the post as per legal requirements.

4) Up to three links allowed within the post.

5) Guest posts will not be published on the front page of Life, Love and Dirty Dishes, and will not be shared on social media.

6) Guest posts will be labelled and categorised as an editorial.

7) Payment is required 3 days from post publishing.

8) A paypal admin fee of £4.00 ($5.00) applies in addition to the agreed price.

9) A paypal email will be required to submit an invoice to.

10) Late payment will be subject to daily late payment charges of £5 ($6.50) per day. I reserve the right to remove posts for late payment.

11) Posts will be published within 48 hours of being received unless otherwise stated.  Posts received on a Friday, will be published by the following Monday.




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