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To all the men out there, how special do you treat the special lady in your life? The chances are that you could probably do a bit better, as we could all stand to show a little more appreciation of those who make a huge difference in our lives. When it comes to her birthday, that’s your chance to pull out all the stops. Here, we’ll look at the some of the things she really wants and the gifts that will get you in her good books for the rest of the year unless you manage to muck it up royally.

special birthday


Make it a day free of concern

The gift of a day where she doesn’t have to worry about anything at all can have a lot more value than you might anticipate. Of course, you’re going to want to actually spend time with her on her birthday, so this is a gift best extended to the whole birthday week. Do all the household chores (every single one of them) and be the go-to for the kids, giving her the chance to kick her feet up and remember a taste of life without responsibility. Give her the chance to go to the spa with her friends or family while you take the kids somewhere like Blackgang Chine. Just be wary that she’s probably going to expect you to pick up the slack now she’s seen what you can do.

Make it an experience

The day (or week) of no responsibilities is just one example of how an experience can matter a lot more than a physical gift, sometimes. Experiences are memories that stick with us for a lot longer than we might use a particular gift. They last with us forever. So, make some shared memories that the both of you will be looking fondly on for years to come. Even in the UK alone, there are tons of romantic hotspots where you two can get away and spend a weekend in lovey-dovey bliss. Take a trip to scenic bath or get lost on the water’s surface in the Lake District.

special birthday


Make it about her

That’s not to say that physical gifts can’t have plenty of emotional impact, either. Some of the more unusual gifts for women are those that tend to focus not just on what she likes, but on her as a person. It shows that you’re not just celebrating a day all about her. You’re celebrating her. You can get really emotional, taking a trip down memory lane with a personalised photo album detailing the journey of her life with your own comments added in. No matter what else you get her, it’s a good idea to start her day off with a jar of hand-written love notes, spelling out little things you appreciate about her. That serves as a gift that she can open every now and then when she just wants a quick shot of the feel-goods.

Make it clear you really know her

We all have something that we’re really, really into. It might be a book, a film franchise, superheroes, music, or anything. On the surface level, it might seem easy to get them the latest CD, tickets to a concert or so-on. But if you scratch beneath the surface, it’s easy to find gift ideas that will absolutely tickle the nerdiest side of the woman you love. For instance, if she has a favourite author, getting a book signed by them might have her squealing like a kid. Or if she’s part of a fandom like the Harry Potter-verse, then an inside reference to the series, like a Time-Turner necklace, can let her wave her nerd flag with pride.

special birthday


Make it something she will definitely, absolutely use

You might want to get her something that has some genuine use to her. Which isn’t a bad idea. It tends to go wrong when you veer into very subjective territory, however, like trying to pick out clothes or accessories. You don’t want to go to gift cards, however, so think about the kind of things you tend to see her using. Could she use a new pair of soft slippers or a comfy new robe? If she has an eBook reader, could an eBook subscription keep her happily reading for hours and hours on end? Could you add to an ever-growing candle collection? Pay close attention to her for a few days and see what she spends a lot of her own time and resources on. Otherwise, you risk getting her a gift that does little but collect dust.

The gifts above all have their own special sentimental value that will make the gift far more important to her than a pair of lacy lingerie or a new bag that really doesn’t fit her style. It shows that you’ve put thought into it, which is what she wants more than anything.




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