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Gardens are fantastic spaces. They are a great place to play and relax. Plus, they are somewhere to teach your kids about nature.

There are so many garden projects you can do together. Making a bug hotel, building a birdhouse and, of course, planting a tree are all fun and interesting ways to get kids involved.

It does not matter if you have a big or a small garden you can plant a tree with your children. If you click here, and take the time to look at this tree nursery´s site you will see that there are plenty of smaller trees available. Some trees can even be planted in pots and trimmed regularly to keep them small. These are perfect for a patio garden.

Reasons to plant a tree with your child:

plant a tree with your child

Trees are for there for life

Perhaps the nicest thing about trees is that they literally last a lifetime. It really feels fantastic seeing a tree continue to grow throughout your life. There is something really special about this connection between you and nature.

Trees are good for the environment

We all want to encourage our children to appreciate their planet and do their best to look after it. Planting a tree is an excellent way for them to contribute to caring for the planet.

Trees provide habitat for wildlife

Trees bring many benefits. Firstly, there are great homes for wildlife. Birds and insects can both flourish in a garden with one or two trees in it. Plus, other life forms like mosses and fungus can often make a home in one.

Trees improve air quality

One of the most important functions perform is to cleanse the air that surrounds them. A recent US-based study found that the level of particulates in the air around a large tree was 7 to 24% lower than in the rest of the area. This study was carried out in cities, so this is a staggering improvement in air quality. This means that planting trees in your garden has the potential to greatly improve the health of your family.

Trees help to cool the environment

Apparently, trees also help to cool the environment. The US study that I have already mentioned showed that the temperature in the vicinity of a tree was 2 degrees lower than average.

Trees can save you money

This effect is part of the reason trees can also potentially help you to reduce your power bills. If you live in a hot climate, trees can keep some of the house in shadow, which can greatly reduce the amount of time you need to have your air-conditioning on for. In colder climates, where cold winds are an issue, trees can act as a barrier. They can prevent much of that cold air washing over your home and leaching the heat out of it.


As you can see, planting trees brings many benefits. If you would like to learn more about planting them, including choosing the right ones for your garden, you can do so by clicking here.


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