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The spread of COVID-19 has had a far-reaching impact on many parts of our lives. It’s no surprise that with lockdowns and social distancing, the stress of the pandemic has had a devastating effect on many peoples’ relationships.

Some married couples are finding themselves spending more time together than ever before, while others may be dealing with the stress of the coronavirus from far apart. Whether you’re working remotely, dealing with financial stress, or homeschooling your kids, it’s easy to push your love life on the back burner. This is a big mistake.

If you’re ready to make your relationship a priority once more, keep reading to learn a few simple ways to spice up your love life during COVID-19 without leaving home.

1. Try Out Something New in the Bedroom

Spending so much time together, and especially so much time stuck at home, means that many of us are stuck in the same old routines, day in and day out. Your bedroom routine is likely no exception.

Without the ability to plan a romantic weekend getaway to spice things up, it’s time to get creative at home instead. A sexy Halloween costume is the perfect alternative. Whether you live out a fantasy or just break free from reality for a while to role play as someone—or something—else, it’s an easy way to spice things up at home. Buy one (or several) from a retailer like 3Wishes, and finally leave those boring old routines behind!

2. Or Leave the Bedroom Behind

Sometimes a small change of scenery is all it takes to make things exciting again. If you’re the kind of couple that always sticks to the bed for a romp, it’s time to mix it up. While you can’t go far, getting creative with positions and furniture in your living room, kitchen, or elsewhere in your home could just be the change in routine that your love life needs.

3. Send a Sexy Text

If you’re both working from home and homeschooling kids at the same time, sneaking in a few moments of sexy talk can feel impossible right now. But in between swapping notes about your kids’ lessons or planning your meals, take a few minutes to send a sexy text or two. This is an easy way to remind one another that you care, and maybe keep you on the edge of your seat in anticipation for bedtime!

For those couples who can’t be together right now, and are having to keep the love alive from afar, sending a few smoky text messages is still a great way to keep the spark going strong until you can be together again.

Spicing Up Your Love Life During COVID-19

Spicing up your love life during COVID-19 is easier than you might think. And you don’t need to leave home and put your health or the health of others at risk to do so.

Whether you choose to incorporate a sexy costume or take your next love-making session to the next room, these tips are a great way to re-ignite the spark and reconnect to your spouse or significant other while staying safe at home. If you’re having to stay apart from your man at this time, sending a few sexy texts a day can also help keep that spark alive until you’re back together again!

How would you spice up your love life?

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