Vlogging is video blogging that has been gaining in popularity since 2016. Internet users prefer watching video clips to reading since it is a fast way of getting information or entertainment. Most vloggers share their content on YouTube and through social media sites that are visited by most internet users. They create content on everything legal to post online, ranging from tutorials, funny videos, to real-life experiences. Anyone with the right content can vlog. You do not need any special skills. In this article, you will gain insight into some of the reasons why you should start a vlog:

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1) The Video Is an Emerging Medium of Sharing Content

Vlogging has a tremendous impact on viewer experience and satisfaction. This reason is why top social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have made video sharing easier with HD video uploading, and live streaming features. If you are running a business, lifestyle, or personal website, a vlog will get you more views. You only have to base your content around your sites products, thoughts, or tips. Creating content for a vlog requires the right equipment like a camera or a smartphone. Using your phone is convenient, but not all of them have a lens that produces videos in 720p and with quality sound. It is important to have a good camera that creates quality footage. You can rely on trusted review platforms like Dream Bloggers for some insights on the best vlogging cameras.

2) You Can Earn From Your Vlog

Businesses are currently using digital advertising means to reach out to potential customers. They scout for internet influencers with a massive following to market their products. Famous YouTube vloggers do this as a full-time job where they post videos about the products. There are different ways of earning from video blogging like brand deals, sponsorship, advertising, and affiliate marketing. However, this does not happen immediately you start vlogging. There is a need to grow in terms of views and channel subscriptions. When you channel gains popularity, you may get deals to promote products to your audience.

3) You Get To Share Your Story

People are sharing their stories online for inspiration, entertainment, or future references. You have probably watched vlogs about relationships, adventures, weight loss, and even some on daily experiences. You too can share your experiences and ideas with the world to watch and enjoy. If technology does not advance, this video will be on the internet for your children to view. Make sure to document this in a fun and exciting story that captivates your audience.

4) It is Better than Blogging

Two-thirds of the content posted on the web are videos. Blogging does not get much traffic nowadays since no one has the time to read large texts. Any internet user can attest that given the option to watch a video format of a text or read it, they will choose the former. Vlogging also benefits you as a content creator since it is easier and faster to speak or illustrate compares to typing. Also, this increases your search engine ranking, which gets you more visibility and traffic to your site.

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All the reasons why you should start a vlog.  And how vlogging could change your life.




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