There’s a time in every family’s life where you ask the age-old question: do you need a minivan?

While they may be joked about quite a bit, there are some advantages to minivans.

For example, they tend to be among the safest cars on the road. They’re convenient, and they’re cheap to insure.

The following are some things to know and consider if you’re at the point of weighing up the pros and cons of a minivan and you’re questioning whether or not to get a one.

pros and cons of a minivan

Signs You Might Need to Buy a Van

While every family is different, the following are some key indicators that it could be time to think about a van.

  • If you have a third-row in your SUV currently, you may have room for the seats you need, but you’re probably seeing a lot of climbing back and forth. Most vans emphasize keeping the third row easily accessible.
  • If you’re regularly getting your kids in and out of their car seats, it can hurt your back. When you have a minivan, you walk up to the seat and fasten and unfasten those car seats easily without crouching or hunching your back.
  • Some people think an SUV is the best type of family vehicle, but since they’re higher up than a van, it can actually be more work for you to put kids in and out. If your arms are tired, it could indicate it’s time to research vans.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Minivan?

There are some pretty big upsides of driving a minivan, including:

  • You’ve probably heard it before, but vans are practical. There’s something to be said for practicality. They’re safe, and there’s plenty of room. It tends just to make sense.
  • Minivans tend to be affordable compared to SUVs in particular. Along with the price of the vehicle, you’re also likely to save on both maintenance and insurance.
  • Of course, vans will be easier for your kids to get in and out of, which will make your life easier. If you get a van with power sliding doors it can be even better for your kids and you. You don’t have to worry about kids hurting their fingers and hands with sliding glass doors either.
  • Vans are a good option for road trips. With fewer people flying because of COVID-19, if you have a van you’ll be able to spread out and enjoy time on the road.
  • There’s plenty of storage space whether for day-to-day items like groceries or luggage.

To be fair, there can be some downsides to vans to consider too.

  • While a van can be less expensive than an SUV, it may be more expensive than a sedan.
  • It’s tougher to reach your kids in a van if you need to. If you’re on a road trip, for example, and you need to reach your kids to help them with something or you need to pick something up for them, they’re farther away than they would be in a sedan or even some SUVs.
  • There are limited all-wheel drive options for minivans. If you live somewhere with a lot of snow, that can be a dealbreaker.

Choosing the Right Van For your Family

If you weigh the pros and cons of a minivan and think a van is ultimately going to be what’s right for your family, there are some features and things to consider when you’re buying.

  • A built-in vacuum just might be one of the best available features in minivans right now. This is available in some vans, including the Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. That would make life much easier and cleaner.
  • In-floor storage is an option in the Dodge Grand Caravan, so you can tuck away items and keep them out of your space and view.
  • You might opt for a van with airbags in all three rows.
  • There’s something called the around-view camera in vans like the Nissan Quest. An around-view camera provides you a simulated bird-eye view from above your vehicle.
  • Rather than hearing everyone fight over the temperature, you can choose the Chrysler Town & Country for its three-zone climate control.
  • The entertainment center options in vans are vast. If you plan on taking road trips, you might want to make sure you get the best entertainment options you can.

If you’ve come to the point in your life where you realize that a van is right for you, the good news is the features available on today’s models are pretty great, you’ll be safe, and it’s just convenient.

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