Often, parents do not watch their actions in front of their kids. They assume that what they do does not influence their children. They can curse, drink, and disregard other people’s feelings, but their children should abide by different rules. You will hear a parent say that children should act as the parent says, and not as the parent does. But how does that affect the child? How can you be intolerant of your neighbor and expect your child to be loving to people who wrong them?

setting an example

Your children watch the way you act. And if you want to raise a child to be a responsible adult, you need to show them what you expect of them. And here is how you can achieve this:

Be Loving

We go through a lot in life. Sometimes, your work may get in the way of family time. And it not only affects the time you spend with your kids but also with your spouse. You should take some time off your schedule and create some for your family. If your 3rd wedding anniversary is coming up, go out of your way to celebrate your significant other. Celebrate your daughter’s birthday in style. Be there when your son plays in little league. Those moments may seem small, but they will serve as defining moments in your children’s lives. They will understand that life is sometimes about showing up and being there for those you love. And when the time comes, they will live up to your expectations.

Be Open to Correction

How many times have you counseled your child on how to react to a difficult situation? They face a bully in school, and you tell them to stand up for themselves. They don’t make the cut, and you tell them that they stand a chance the next time. You are always by their side, encouraging them to hold on even when the future seems dim. But do you do the same? When you start a business, and it fails, what do you do? Do you give up and let the failure define you? If you cannot get up after you fall, know that your child will see this. And when you tell them to do otherwise, they will be unable to do so. After all, mummy or daddy doesn’t have to, so why should they?

Also, how do you take criticism? The truth is that criticism, whether constructive or destructive, is hard to take. We all want to be right, and if someone feels that we are not, we may hold it against them. But before you lose it on that cousin who feels you could advertise your wares better, put yourself in your child’s shoes. How many times have you corrected them and hoped that they would change as per your opinion? Suppose they were to do the same thing as you, how would that help them? Watch your reactions around your kids, and you should notice a change in their approach towards life.

Watch your words

Being accepting of yourself plays a significant role in the development of your child. They will go through many stages in life, where people will judge them for everything. From the way they look to how they dress to people with whom they associate. But if you are comfortable with who you are, they will feel the same way about themselves. And their lives will be much easier.

The thing is that children watch you, much more than you know. And given that they likely hope to be like you, they will adapt to your behavior. When you are no longer on this earth, they will remember the way you lived. Thus, leave a memory that they would love to hold on to and pass on to other generations.

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