Do you constantly feel like you’re swimming against the tide or that you’ve got one too many balls to juggle? If so, you’re not alone! For parents on the go, running a household can be a battle. If you’re looking for ways to make life simpler and save time and energy, here are some hacks. 

Cleaning, tidying and decluttering

Have you ever wondered how fellow parents manage to have pristine, sparkling homes on social media? If you’re tired of looking at piles of washing, stacks of stuff taking over spare rooms or shelves gathering dust, the first step to take is to understand that social media offers a rose-tinted version of everyday life and give yourself a break. The second is to adopt a simple cleaning and tidying regime. 

Most parents don’t have the time or the inclination to spend every spare moment tidying up or cleaning. If you can get into the habit of tackling jobs like putting toys away and wiping down kitchen surfaces daily, this will save you time in the long-run. Vacuum every couple of days and set aside an hour or two every few weeks for tasks that need to be done less frequently.

Your oven needs to be cleaned, but this isn’t a job you need to do daily or even weekly as long as you clean up any spillages or splashes of oil. It’s also a great idea to declutter and have a clear-out once or twice a year. Use storage to keep your possessions tidy. If you have tubs, crates and shelves in a playroom or living room, for example, it will take you a few minutes to whizz around the room putting bricks, soft toys, books and cars away before bed. 

Running a household

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Every mom wants to provide their brood with tasty, nutritious meals, but it’s not always easy to find the time to create homemade feasts. If a lack of time is an issue, there are solutions. Look for quick and easy recipes online and use the time you do have to batch cook. If you’ve got an hour or so at the weekend, for example, you can rustle up stews, soups, pasta dishes and casseroles ready to freeze and then enjoy later in the week.

It’s also an excellent idea to make up lunches the night before to avoid rushing in the mornings. You can also save time by embracing online shopping. If you order groceries for home delivery, for example, you don’t have to worry about spending time going to the store or dragging kids to the supermarket kicking and screaming. In a few clicks, you can place your order and eliminate a huge amount of stress. 

Running a household

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Running a household can be challenging, especially if you’re rushing around after kids and trying to work at the same time. If you’re struggling to find the time to cook healthy meals or keep your kitchen or bathroom clean and tidy, hopefully, these hacks will help to save you time, effort and energy.

Keep on top of cleaning and tidying, look for quick and simple recipes, batch cook, make use of online shopping and ordering and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you could do with an extra pair of hands. Nobody is superhuman. 

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