“Thank you” — these two simple words can go a long way. Whether it’s a friend, a colleague, a relative or an acquaintance, these words of appreciation can add a warmth to your relationship, cement the bond that you share with them, and give you a chance to express your gratitude.

But sometimes, just a thank you note doesn’t feel enough. If you want to thank someone for something special that they have done for you, then thank you hampers can be a great way to adequately extend your appreciation.

However, if you wish to make the best impression with thank you hampers, or any thank you gift, for that matter, here are some things to remember.

thank you gift

Time it right

A ‘thank you’ might lose its essence if not done in a timely manner. Therefore, when sending a thank you gift, it’s important to do it as quickly as possible — preferably within a few days of receiving help, a kind gesture, or a gift is always best.

A simple message is enough

Of course, you can write a long and thoughtful note of thanks if you have the time and the right words to spare. But practically, it’s often not possible. In fact, a lot of the time, people get hung up on the how’s and what’s of gifting — how to do it perfectly, what to gift, what to write, and so on. The truth is, you don’t have to express your ‘thanks’ in a grand manner. You don’t have to pen a missive or go out of your way to find the most exquisite gift of all time. A gift hamper along with a simple ‘thank you’ is always enough.

Avoid promoting yourself

Sometimes, people think it is okay to take the opportunity of sending a thank you gift to further their own cause. For example, if someone is into creating things (such as artwork, soft toys, dresses etc.) or has released a book, they can often feel tempted to use up their leftover stock as ‘thank you’ hampers. While receiving a handmade gift can be wonderful, it’s certainly a kill-joy if it isn’t something that the receiver might enjoy or has an appropriate use for. In such cases, it’s best to stick to gifts you won’t go wrong with such as flowers, gift cards, and baked goods etc.

Put thought into it

A thoughtful gift is worth more than its dollar value. When you choose a gift with a lot of thought behind it, it tells the recipient that you were really thinking about them and this gift comes straight from your heart.

Add a personal touch

There’s nothing wrong with gift cards or hampers, though they often get the bad rap for being last-minute affairs. It’s all about making an effort to add a personal touch to these gifts in some way. For instance, if you’re looking for a book to gift a book lover friend, you might feel stumped at what to give them. A gift card to the local bookstore is a wonderfully personalised gift that also save you from gifting them something they have already read or might not be interested in.

Give happily

Last, but not the least, regardless of how you choose to convey your gratitude, it must come from a place of deep acknowledgement felt within your heart for the kindness someone has shown you. It shouldn’t feel like you’re doing it for the sake of it or out of obligation.

To sum it up, sending thank you gifts and hampers are not a necessity. But sure enough, it’s a gesture, that when shown, can help to build and nurture relationships beyond measure.

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